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Thursday, September 16, 2021

Market Update 9/16/21 - Uh Oh, Looks Like I Was Right About WWIII!

 Uh Oh, Looks Like I Was Right About WWIII!  

US, UK and Australia forge military alliance to counter China - theguardian

I can't really explain how I come up with these kinds of gloomy predictions, except that I look at the charts, and possibilities start coming to mind, as they did when I most recently mentioned that WWIII was looking like more of a real possibility in a blog dated 9/1, and I believe there was another blog where I pointed to the strategic importance of Australia, and the military industrial complex's obsession with a military conflict with China - in the the south sea - but I can't seem to find anything I've written on the subject.  Perhaps I only tweeted about it, or researched it, but I know I mentioned WWIII in my last interview with Dale Pinkart @stophunter over at Forex Analytics (.com).   

I guess I'm a realist, because I grew up around the time of the Cuban missile crisis, most people of my generation were constantly reminded of the possibility of nuclear war in our lifetimes, and I personally think it's a miracle that we've avoided it for this long. Nuclear war is the number once threat to civilization, but today's generation seems to be more concerned with social justice, and climate collapse, as they remain glued to their electronic devices, living some alternate reality. It's the epitome of complacency, and it's going to be a rude awakening when the proverbial shit hits the fan.            

We also see China decoupling from the global economy, and the economic new world order. The lame stream media only reports that "China is cracking down...", but they fail to go into specifics. They talk about a "tutoring ban", and a 3 hr (weekly) limit on gaming hrs, yet they fail to mention the "why...?". Its because unlike the US, China has ethical standards, and they refuse to allow their youth to be destroyed by western pop culture, as we have so easily allowed, and all for the sake of the holy dollar. In case you didn't notice, there is no regulation - to speak of - in this country, where we not only allow multi-national corporations to poison kids bodies with toxic ingredients, and pesticides, and even pure nicotine, and THC, but we allow them to poison their minds, which is far worse. Ultimately it's the parents responsibility to keep their children safe, but that becomes extremely tough when everybody from the public school system, to mass-media, and social networks, are the enemy.  

In a related story: 

Lawmakers Push Facebook To Abandon Instagram For Kids, Citing Mental Health Concerns (npr)

I'm sure there are a few good people in government, but the vast majority represent no one, except themselves, meaning their special interests, which is code for whoever is going to financial their next campaign.  

As far as the market is concerned, there's a good reason why trading has been so quiet, and that reason is because this is a holiday  - Yom Kippur began Yesterday (Wed.) Sept 15th. 

I have a few charts to look at, but the opening bell rings in 2 minutes. 

I'll try to get part 2 completed shortly, and that shouldn't be too difficult, on light holiday trading day. 

Catch you in Part 2, AA 

Link to Market Update Part 2 - the trade




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