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Thursday, September 2, 2021

Market Update 9/2/21 - market dumped into the close - new trend?

First, I have something to get off my chest, in the form of a lengthy rant:  

I had planned to be away for the next few days, (going into the Labor Day Holiday) but everything seems to be shut down again - in Illinois - and certain activities are only open, if you've been vaccinated, or recently tested (within the past 3 days) for Covid-19, and I'll be damned if I'm going to get an experimental vaccination, I don't need, or allow myself to be tested by some millennial making $10 per hour, and risk being infected by a contaminated nose swab. This is how you catch diseases, not avoid them! Crazy world continues.  

In a related story, which was quickly buried - by the lying fascists in the lame stream media: Quietly reported on a Sunday: Biden's top-down (vaccine) booster plan sparks anger at FDA - politico  

This isn't the first time we've seen resignations in the highly politicized, and (money controlled)  funded by the same multi-national corporations it claims to regulate - industrial pharmaceutical complex - FDA.   

Last time this happened the FDA was seen pushing an unproven $56,000 (per dose) Alzheimer drug, and that story also received very little coverage, whereas if Trump was president, it might have been front page news, although Trump seemed to go along with the official narrative, most of the time.  Three F.D.A. Advisers Resign Over Agency’s Approval of Alzheimer’s Drug - NYT  June 10th, 2021 

Remember, when similar government agencies deregulated the banking industry, and nobody was held accountable.... and now we're supposed to trust that pharmaceutical companies are going to be properly regulated, with our safety in mind? Look, if you are injured by a vaccine - which isn't that uncommon - you have no legal recourse, and there is not accountability in Washington, D.C.

Yet, another story buried - by the pro-vax crowd - and for good reason: Minnesota medical worker has both of her legs AMPUTATED after contracting COVID-19 just days after receiving her second vaccine dose (

"Medical experts are unsure whether the vaccine caused her complications, while her husband searches for answers". Yeah, good luck with that! 

About the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program

Onto the charts, and the rigged/ fake bull market, which only continues for as long as emergency (The Fed) action, and unlimited government spending continues. I fear the day of reckoning, is at hand. 

Market futures up: 

Every day, we see market futures up, and why should this day be any different?

I don't usually like to get attached to short term charts, when we're getting so close to a capitulation point, but as long they're still working, why not...? 

I even found a pullback target on Natural Gas - in real time - so the technicals could not me more predictable. 

Natural Gas - to document the pullback target, which I nailed flawlessly. This target was called out in my twitter feed, around 20 min. before it was taken out. Res. was called out at 4.64, an hour earlier?

Natural Gas (long term) also called out in my twitter feed. As you may remember I was early calling the top in NatGas last month, and then avoided the short squeeze, and now here we are again. Could be a capitulation point. 

I even pointed out the breakout on the Russell 2000 - in my twitter feed - and had some idiot follower arguing with the chart! That kind of bs will earn you an instant block, by the way. If you aren't going to trust the charts, then you don't deserve to follow me.  

More Short term views 

$SPX - 15 min chart - breaks out, and holds support at my pink line. The pattern continues to resemble a rising broadening triangle a.k.a. a megaphone top. 

SPY ($SPX ETF) - 60 min view -  held support going into the close. In fact it landed right on my pink support line. That - 450 level - becomes the short term stop-hunt. 

We failed to see the low volatility $SPX breakout, yesterday, but once the short sellers leave for vacation, the manipulators will have an easier time.... 

$SPLV - (low volatility $SPX)
We failed to see the breakout we were looking for yesterday, but maybe tomorrow, or even next week, when most short sellers will be away. That should be prime time for another short squeeze. You might want to check the moving averages on this one, especially the 20 day, which I can confirm is being traded by short term traders.  


I have the next target annotated as "wave 3", but I wouldn't be left holding the bag there, and waiting for a wave 4. 

$SPLV - long term view - looks like holy hell. We could be only days, or weeks, away from a major correction.  Snipe profits! 

One more long term chart. I've been saying for years, that the real tech bubble can be found in the Arca index, and I alerted to that chart in my twitter-feed yesterday, and I'm adding the $QQQ right here.  

$QQQ (Heavily traded NASDAQ ETF) - seeing this one being advertised a lot on the TV, so you know the smart money isn't investing. 

Later, AA 


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