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Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Market Update - 9/28/2021 - Ron Paul Agrees: Federal Reserve Used Covid As Excuse To Print More Money

Ron Paul Exposes The Federal Reserve's Biggest Scandal

Corona virus was just a convenient excuse to do more of what it was already doing 

Or as I blogged back in August: "...covid was used as an excuse to grease the market's wheels again (money printing/ bailout world/ since 2009)."  

Getting back to the market - it looked pretty weak yesterday, and although that was no surprise, it's irritating to watch, let alone trade.  

We did see the Russell 2000 up almost 2%, so it's not a risk off situation. More like whack-a-mole!  

Picking up from where I left off yesterday: 
What's even more amazing than seeing the 50 day moving averages, being sold, is to see how boldly the market is manipulated from one day to the next, and week, to week, and why should today be any different? Every index was sold at the 50 day moving average, and Bloomberg (fake news) even brought out the bear from Morgan Stanley to talk more about the correction. Not finding that footage, but we do have another story from bumbleberg dated Sept 24th.  

"Market Correction Inevitable" bloomberg Sept 24th (link)

Classic Manipulation Techniques
1. Influence investor opinion (in this case negatively). This is really the easy part, since all media is controlled by the corporate elites, including the Federal Reserve. 

2. Take down any market below a key moving average, as we saw again yesterday, and in $SOX on Friday!  Even the $QQQ's are being taken down at the 50 day, and the dumb machines will sell. 
 3. See how the $VIX has been pressed above the magic 20 number, in pre-market, this morning? This makes it super easy for the controllers to take the market down, to whatever target the have in mind, and they will.... 

4. Every market is controlled, even Natural Gas is being blatantly manipulated, as yesterday's opening bid was raised above the top of the upper channel, seen below. 

5. Always manipulate Options markets dates (note: The market hardly moved again on Friday?), and low volume holiday trading. China is on Holiday again (Golden Week?), so expect more manipulation in that sector. 

$UNG (Natural Gas fund) - See where the market was propped back up yesterday, above the top of the channel? This no doubt caused some panic buying, and that's what experienced traders are trained to do, when resistance is taken out. I just wonder how long before they pull the rug out again. 
See where the bid was raised on another surprise Monday morning! 

Looking it another way, as I always do, it's only retesting the top of the channel (in Black), and looks like another throw-over, so I already added to my short position. I did the opposite when the fake news was telling us that the Russians and the Saudis were in an "oil war", and the price of Oil (contracts) went to 0. Remember that? Bloomberg must have had a dozen oil bears on the week it bottomed, and I just laughed all the way to the bank.  

Here I am - beating the Oil drum, on March 30th, 2020, for example: 

Speaking of Oil: Looks like Brent Crude is finally taking out the target, I pointed to yesterday, while at the same time we're seeing the leveraged Oil bear wash out to a fresh new low.  And not only that, but the fake news is seen reporting that there's an "energy crisis", and at this point even the Energy bears believe...! This is what we call a "capitulation point", in the business, and I can't wait to diversify my energy short bets. This could be huge! 

Leveraged Oil shorts shaken out, at the same time as NatGas retests a "7 year high". Coordinated? 

What about the green energy story? 

If the "Energy crisis" is real, that's going to be great for the greens, right? 

Sorry Millennials! Green Energy is a Pipe Dream 

Green Energy - another financial hoax. Sell It. 

$SMOG -  Do your own due diligence before you trade.  Here's a link 

If you're trading energy, here's a name to watch: 

$EQT - Driven above the channel line, causing a short squeeze, and up again this morning. It is a breakout, or a false breakout? 

 Looks a lot like this (false?) breakout in the broader energy market, right? 

You have to assume Energy is being driven up ahead of Options Expiration (Oct 15th), in a sneaky sector rotation. I thought perhaps Gold was going to be the new panic trade, but it looks like money is pouring into Energy instead.... that's really unusual, after seeing Energy lead every pullback, over the past several years. 

Looks like I have a lot of charting to do in the energy market this morning. 

Take Care, AA  

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