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Monday, October 11, 2021

Market Update 10/11/21 Columbus Day - Market Futures - Not surprisingly - In The Red

 I never get tired of being right every day, and Friday was no different.

Stocks remained pinned on another rigged weekly OPEX (Options Expiration), and this morning we're seeing the usual Monday shakeout, on light holiday volume. Nothing big, just a little bullish consolidation.  

Natural Gas continues to snap back. Can't remember the last time we saw a rally in Natural Gas take this long to reverse, but it was probably in 2008. 

 #NatGas - trades to the top of an aggressive channel (seen in black). 

Of Course Energy markets continue to be pumped, with the help of the constant fake news, such as CNBC.  "Occidental Petroleum, Diamondback Energy and Chevron all up" CNBC 

$OXY has nearly retraced 38.2% of the losses it sustained during the covid dump  

Funny they don't mention Halliburton

$HAL Trades into a massive Bearish H&S Pattern.  

Oil drillers "" 

$GJX (the $SPX Energy Index) takes out the 272 target. Watch for a sharp reversal as soon as next week - after October Options Expiration - assuming global banksters pumped the energy sector. 

I'm expecting the entire energy sector to collapse, along with the $USD, and Treasury yields. Not sure what that does to equities, but I lightened up on my exposure on Friday. The market (minus Energy) remains weak, and I'm tired to sticking my neck out. 

US Treasury yields in a long term bear market. Looks like The Fed is not planning to raise rates, or even taper.... 

Maybe I'll add a financial short, after pointing to that chart on Friday. The only thing that held that sector up was weekly Options Expiration, as I tweeted on Friday.   

 Hopefully the market can find some direction either this week, or after Oct Options expiration, because I'm growing tired of the choppiness.  


Good luck, AA 

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