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Friday, October 8, 2021

Market Update 10/8/21 - oops I did it again!

Time to declare victory again! 

Once the Dow took out my target, and all we saw from there was profit taking. 

China led the rally as expected, with  $YANG losing 12% 

Looks like a engineered short squeeze on one of my $SPX charts, which is located in the public charts area.   

We finally saw some profit taking in the heavily manipulated, and perpetually rigged financial sector, and if the Fed delays tapering, I would expect to see investors run for the exits. I'll believe the tapering story when I see it. 

$XLF Financials sold 

Wouldn't it be helpful to investors when financials are rallying, for that to be reported, rather than what sound like record losses, and China fear porn?  

What about the fact that Europe has led the selling, and is now leading the rebound? Check the moving averages on the $DAX and you'll see exactly what I'm talking about, and I have some far out theories on why it is US markets, and German markets track so closely together, probably going all the way back to Nazi Germany. Manipulating markets isn't rocket science, but check out "Operation Paperclip". Fact Check: Nazi Scientists Were Brought To Work For The US. Through Operation Paperclip usatoday     


Market Wise 

I think there's a good chance we're off to the races here, at least for a little while, minus maybe a little gap fill. 

I did spot the $VIX climbing back above st support on a 10 min chart. Tweeted that going into yesterday's close. 

Maybe we see another Monday morning shakeout? This seems to be the manipulator's MO. 

Have a great weekend, 


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