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Thursday, October 14, 2021

Market Update 10/14/21 - Looks Like We're Finally Off To The Races!

 Looks Like We're Finally Off To The Races! 

I've updated the Public charts area, to include a $VIX chart - with targets - showing exactly where fear should continue to melt out of the market, and when fear melts away, stocks melt up.   

We've already taken out 2 $VIX targets, this week, and I give the $VIX a 12.50 target, at $SPX 5000. Of course the perma-bears will be upset by this, but being a perma-bear never made anyone a successful trader. Don't trust the bearish crowd on twitter (some of them with over 20,000 followers), or the lying financial fake news, or even your gut. Only trust the $VIX, and the fact that the Fed will do anything to keep the market from crashing, on Joe Biden's watch.      

Rather than have to save a bunch of charts, and blog them here, just refer to the charts located on my public stockcharts page, and don't forget to vote (daily), for the best charts on the internet, and since I don't charge you for all my hard work, you can easily afford a subscription to 

I receive no compensation for that! They simply have the best charting software on the internet, and that's something you're going to need to practice using, if you ever want to be better than 95% of the rest of the trading community. Go signup right now, and start by creating a dozen folders. 1. Sentiment. 2. Indices. 3. Short-term charts. 4. Hot Stocks. 5. Commodities & Currencies. 6. ETF's. 7. Trends/channels 8. Candlestick analysis 9. Energy/Oil 10. Stocks To Watch 11. Financials. 12.  Foreign Markets. etc. etc. etc. 

I have over 2000 charts, categorized in 37 folders, and several hours of charting, per day, is what it takes to stay on top of things. This is what allowed me to realize China had entered a bear market soon after Biden took office, and that Energy and financials, have continued to rally in a bull market, even as the lying financial fake news attempts to sell us a gloomy story.    

Of course most folks don't have time to do their homework, because they work a 9-5 job, and they have a dating life, and such, or they're just plain lazy, or ignorant, or both, but we can't all be winners. 

Look, charting, just like anything thing else you want to master, takes practice. Nobody just picks up a guitar, and plays like Eric Clapton, without putting in years of practice. Pay your dues, and do your own due diligence, because at some point you will no longer have my charts to rely on. I may be cancelled and removed from the internet, my health could suddenly decline, or I may simply get bored with blogging, and grow tired of giving away all my hard work for free, which does occasionally happen. Until then, you can always find a link to my public charts, in the left hand side menu, on this blog, and the Key to understanding my charts, at the top of the page. 

Switched out the LT $SPX chart for this longer term one, because things line up so well. 

$SPX - The path to 5000 

If I see more interest in the public charts, and in this blog. I can offer you plenty of tips in the future.    

#1 Tip would be, don't get too caught up in very short term charts, especially when they aren't working. Always watch the longer term charts, for the bigger picture. 

#2 Set several moving average overlays on your charts. 5/10/20/50/150/200 day. 40/50 week/200 week/month, etc. 

#3. Use a stock screener. I could spend a whole page on this topic. If you don't already have one, try You'll learn far more about the market, checking your stocks screener each morning, than you will watching the fake news! 

#4. Chart underlying indices, and stocks. For instance if you know energy is leading, and  Atmos energy is the #1 performing stock in that sector, then you should know why.... 


Here's another example: Let's say the market is using negative news on Apple to shakeout tech traders. 

Since Apple moves the FAANGS, and the entire tech sector, you better have a good handle on it! 

$AAPL  - trend is intact 

The Green Energy Trade 

While I'm on the topic of searching out sectors, and related stocks, Green Energy was yesterday's best performing sector, just ahead of today's story about Joe Bidens green energy plan. This was so blatantly orchestrated, that I'm not even surprised at the green energy story (nbc) that was rolled out this morning.   

$ICLN (Green Energy ETF) Bid raised above the 50 day moving average, at yesterday's open. If you were using a stock screener, and charting ETF's, then you would've known where to go long yesterday. 

$ICLN I predict will out-perform oil for the rest of the year! 

$ICLN - See the buying volume? See the idea being pushed that Energy prices are going to remain high, and that green energy is the solution? This is child's play. Adding the chart to the public charts area. I have no idea what the holdings in ICLN are, but I do know a rally when I see one. Do your own due diligence! 

Of course Blackrock or someone else (big), is behind this, and the UK would rather impose a carbon tax, than accept help from Vladimir Putin. 

Remember the oil spill story last week? I believe even that was orchestrated in order to sell the left's green energy plan. Looks like a false flag, since there aren't any easy answers. 

"Huntington Beach California - Investigators still searching for the cause of an oil leak...." foxla  

Believe me, these green will do anything, in order to push through their new world order. 


Financials reversed as predicted last week. That was an easy bearish trade 

Treasuries reversed, and that should continue, as the bond vigilantes are taken out behind the woodshed.

The rumor is that the Fed is not going to taper, or not going to raise interest rates... so sell the rumor.

Gold miners, and silver rallied, along with Uranium. Looks like an excuse to manipulate another monthly Options Expiration, so I'll assume this is going to hold up into the weekend.  

 I have gold and miner charts to update, before I can make a call, but looked like a false breakout, to me, on the $GDX yesterday. You just can't be too careful with 1 day breakouts above a parallel channel. I've seen this type of rigged breakout, suddenly reverse, too many times! 

Also watching Silver. You'll find a bunch of bearish charts in the public charts area, including the long term trend. Silver has been in a bear market, for 10 years. 

I'm probably covering too many sectors to keep a handle on, but I'll try to leave as many charts up as possible. Part of the reason I do this is to keep the hedge funds guessing. 
That reminds me: Energy

$DJUSEN (Dow Energy) Being driven up on a 10 minute chart view.  I should add this chart to the public charts as well... 

I'd expect energy to continue to hold up into OPEX Friday, because this is the whole point of the sector rotation. The big payoff for manipulating the sector is in the highly levered Options Market! 

Take care, if I don't talk to you again, until next week. 


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