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Monday, October 18, 2021

Short sellers squeezed into Oct OPEX (Options Expiration); As Usual

After last weeks tremendous rally, I'm expecting at least a few days of consolidation, if not something much bigger. October can be a good month for a market crash! October effect - Investopedia     

 The DOW out-performed the NASDAQ, as predicted. 

$INDU - breaks out above the 35,100 level - chart added to the Public Chart area.  

$INDU - here's an even better view of that breakout :) 

Remember when predicted that the DOW would lead? DOW Theory! 

DOW Transports totally out performed tech stocks 

$TPOR (3X Transportation Bull) chart added to the public charts area.  

The $SPX broke out above the 50 day moving average. 

Even Russia retested the recent highs 

And that brings me to Oil, Natural Gas, and Energy

Apparently there's a Natural Gas Shortage in Europe, and Oil is going to fill some of that need? Not sure how that story helps Texas crude oil, but we're seeing it up again this morning. 

 $WTIC (West Texas Intermediate Crude) - this long term chart has been added to the Public Charts area  

I think the banksters are more interested in driving energy prices up into the holiday travel season, more than anything else, and making sure interest rates go up. This is good for JP Morgan, and the rest...!  Notice how every crooked bank is seen trying to convince us that, "inflation isn't transitory"? They are right to be fearful that interest rates won't go up, but shouting won't help. 

I should add some financial charts to the mix! I think last weeks rally was as much about "a relief rally", when the, "too big to fail", banks reported, as it was about squeezing the short sellers. Are bank earnings all priced in? We're about to find out. 


Unleaded Gasoline testing resistance - just ahead of the busiest travel day of the year - ...Thanksgiving! 

I even added a short term Natural Gas chart to the Public charts area. That could rally off the 20 day moving average, if nothing else does. 

Speaking of the Public Charts area, I have some organization to do there.  

Catch you later, and congrats if you caught last weeks rally! 


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