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Thursday, January 20, 2022

1/20/22 - Have the Market Controllers Instructed their Bought and Paid For MSM to Stop using the term "Bear Market..."?

I realize that's kind of a weird title for a Market Update, but these are strange times we're living in. 

I've noticed over the past couple days that the financial fake news HAS been reporting that there has been a "10% pullback on the NASDAQ...", and technically that's true, but I haven't heard them report that the Nasdaq is trading in "BEAR MARKET TERRITORY". This morning ( an hour ago) I see the Wall Street Journal reporting it as "correction territory this morning (an hour ago)", and I guess that's as close as we're going to get to the controllers declaring victory, and shaking out only the top dumbest 5% of all investors.       

Did you know that Motley Fool in collaboration with the Nasdaq, helped engineer this 10% pullback, in tech stocks? 

Is a Big Bear Market Coming in 2022? Dec. 31.2021 11:17AM 

I find it appropriation that they would use the most ridiculous looking bear photo thy could find, in the article, since the pullback they engineered is a joke. 2 months to give back only 10%? 

So let's take a closer look at the tech charts this morning, and see what's really going on here. 

$COMPQ - Nasdaq down another 1%, and almost 4% for the week, but the week's not over.

We did see a slightly higher high on the $VIX but no panic whatsoever.  

I did spot a short term target on the $VIX, that lined up perfectly with an updated target on the $SPX. 

$SPX 15 min view.  

Getting back to tech

We did see a little shakeout below some key moving averages on the NASDAQ, but since the article above points specifically to correction in BIG TECH, we want to look at the $NDX. 

$NDX - teasing the 200 day moving average. This is seen as a buy the dip moment for 90% of the money managers on Wall Street, who are smart enough to watch technical signals. Since the controller's understanding of technical indicators is pretty limited, and their love of even numbered targets is rudimentary, then you're going to want to be watching the 15,000 level. just in case we see that target taken out this morning. 

I've been calling for a short squeeze, going into the Friday trading, but since this sell-off was orchestrated by the powers that be, we we just have to wait until next week, for the light at the end of the tunnel of manipulation. 

The market has been manipulated for 100 years, what's another few days...?  

A couple more charts to watch: 

COMPQ - possible 14k target 

What's funny is they controllers have been quietly selling cloud, and other junk, rather than the most heavily manipulated stocks, ie Apple, and Google. 

$CLOU Liking Cloud here, trading at May 2021 levels 


$TECS - not liking the long term trend on the 3X Tech Bear 

Opening bell just rang, gotta run... 

Later, AA 

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