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Thursday, January 27, 2022

Market Update 1/27/2022 - The Morning After The FOMC Announcement

After a long day of charting, I could do 5 blogs this morning, with all that I'm seeing....

 I may have to divide this Update into several parts, but I promise to try to keep it short.

Off Topic 

In yesterday's blog I was ranting about some of the idiocy that passes for journalism these days, and  about how the left is pushing a biracial advertising boom, in order to push a leftist political agenda, based on a flawed narrative (social justice). And if you think I'm just being "conspiratorial", try googling the "Biracial Advertising Boom". It is a thing....  

Then just yesterday: 

1. Liberal Supreme Court Justice Breyer announces his resignation, and not only does this help redirect the news cycle (tail waging the dog) from Joe Biden's miserable poll numbers... as it turns out, this is another political stunt being used to try to keep blacks on the plantation! This is the same reason Joe Biden was forced to pick the wildly unpopular Kamala Harris, as his VP. In other words; the left is desperate to keep the black vote, so let's make political appointments, based only on race! That's right, we're going to exclude, Jews, Asians, Men of color, and of course White people, in order to appease radical black activists, and their political buddies on the left!    


Biden Expected to Nominate a Black Woman to the Supreme Court NYT 

2. Turns out Joe Biden let the cat out of the bag on the biracial advertising agenda months ago. Guess I was not paying attention to the news... or I missed school, that day? 

Somebody Tell Biden Interracial Couples on Commercials Does Not Make America Less Racist 

So much for trying to keep this blog short, but I feel it's important to point out how the real terrorists are working to destroy this county. And make no mistake about it; the ultimate agenda is, "order out of chaos", and they are winning..!


As far as the Fed announcement Bloomberg gets it right when they report, "The Fed did nothing, and committed to nothing, which it hasn't already committed...", so there is no fundamental reason for stocks to continue to sell off. 

Yesterdays Fed Announcement simply turned out to be a "sell the news" event as expected, and if you were watching my live twitter feed, then you probably saw me call it in real time.  

I'm actually finding several charts that confirm we're not out of the woods, and $VIX closed above 30. I believe we've seen the worst of the selling, but this is no time to become complacent! 

Speaking of the $VIX! 

Not soon after I found a downturn channel on the 5 min $VIX, that channel was purposely taken out! 

In fact let's document it: 

1. Soon after the Fed announcement, I find a downturned channel on the 5 min $VIX 

2. Moments later the bid is raised precisely above res. Of course this was taken as a sell signal, and since I has already called it, I found it all quite amusing. 

  Resistance now becomes support. Selling accelerates.  

I suppose it's possible that some bearish hedge fund found the same exact thing that I was seeing, at the exact same time, and jacked the $VIX up accordingly, but I think I'm being watched. 

Regardless... as long as the $VIX continues to hold above the 30 level, it's going to keep buying at bay. I saying "buying", not buyers, because most buying is done by machines, and using tax payer money. I don't believe there's a free market, any more than I believe the strange weather phenomenons we're seeing on a regular basis is anything natural. Everything is rigged, in order to prevent a total collapse. Climate, Markets, Financial System, Pensions, Government, US Dollar, Social Security, rigged Elections, Main Stream Media, everything! RIP America         

$WSLH - Wilshire 5000 - 60 min. chart 

$TSX - Canada - at least this market got a nice snap-back rally, probably thanks to the overpriced energy market.   

Speaking of Energy 

Oil Drillers top out again 

Later, AA

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