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Friday, January 28, 2022

Market Update 1/28/22 - Natural Gas, $DAX, $SPX, $VIX

 It's sure taking a lot of time, for the crooks on Wall Street to load the truck, after shaking the weak hands - at a new recent $VIX high - on Monday. It really shouldn't take all week to build a base, after such a little shakeout, and it's just not normal to see such little movement above $VIX 30. Seems that the $VIX is being held up, artificially, and I suspect that the powers that be, are using this technique of holding the $VIX above 20, in order to keep buying cheap Calls, weeks/ months out.  

$SPX - I'm able to move charts around again, after switching browsers, and I've this 1 min. chart to the public charts area, in order to try to make things more exciting. Seeing a wave 1 (or A), followed by a slow pullback. Next was should be either a powerful wave C, or an even more powerful wave 3. 

Note: this is the same EW Count you'll find on the 10 min. chart, in the public charts area.


Watch for another little shakeout at the open, followed by a rip your face off rally. 

$SPX 15 min. chart

Seeing resistance @ 4495, and 4640 - going into next week, so I'm not expecting, yet another Monday morning surprise, next week. 

While we're talking about Elliott Wave Theory, or technique, check out this call on the $DAX back in Nov.

German $DAX Elliott Wave Analysis by Gregor Horvat (several news sources/

 Here's Gregor's forecast back in Nov., and as you probably know by now, we have been following the $DAX for years, because US markets follow the $DAX.


In Hindsight the $DAX  rallied all the way back to a slightly lower high in Dec., and continues to trade in a range.  

$DAX - personally, I would've never made such a bearish call on the $DAX, without first confirming a topping pattern, as I did ahead of the covid crash. I also don't make bold calls based on anyone - short term - chart view, and certainly not for a continuing correction.

1. The sideways pattern continues. 2. We're not seeing new lower lows, even as the lying fake propaganda news go out of their way to convince us that the Oct lows on the $SPX have been taken out. Who do you think wrote that headline? 3. Higher highs/ higher lows is the definition of a bull market. 

Moving on


$GLD - Sold off the right shoulder, and broke at the 50 day moving average. A very good trade, if you were anticipating it. 


Natural Gas futures rallied some +30% on yesterday's contract expiration date. 


1.Trading commodities carries more risk, than trading equities. If you aren't a pro, you have no business trading commodities.

2. Practice proper money management. Anyone who was short NatGas contracts yesterday, and over-leveraged, is wiped out. I suggest not investing over 10% in any 1 trade, initially. This allows you plenty of room to add to your position, if the opportunity presents itself. For instance, if the market controllers come in and break the charts on a Monday morning.

3. Yesterday's move in natural gas is yet another good example why I tell you to watch expiration dates. I would go a step further and tell you not to be short, going into these date. 

4. Options expiration dates are the same way; a good reason not to go short into a Friday. Even in bear markets you see a lot of short squeeze Fridays.

$UNG rallied to the upper pattern line on the same old chart we've been watching for weeks now, so in case you missed the live update 


I'll put my charts up against Goldman's, or anyone else's charts, any day of the week! 

Have a great weekend, AA





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