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Monday, January 24, 2022

Market Update Jan. 24th, 2022 = Market poised to rally

Folks who trust the fake financial news, over the charts, are probably starting to believe we're in a bear market, but the market is still trading in the same pattern as is did though most of last year, and the trend remains bullish.   

$SPX - 15 min. Chart - located in the public charts area. 

 This very short term chart isn't even broken. Even If we see another little washout this morning; watch for a sudden reversal, and support at the 4400 level.  


$COMPQ - NASDAQ - Even the NASDAQ is trading in the same topping pattern - an upturned broadening triangle 


Continue to watch the NASDAQ $VIX targets I laid out on Friday, as well as the $VIX 28 level. 

After calling the bottom, going into Friday's close, I stand by that call, even in the face of market futures once again, rolling over into the red, overnight.

Energy and oil 

$XOP down 10% last week, while Oil was held up into monthly OPEX (rigged)  

I like $SOX at the 200 day ma 

Take Care, AA 

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