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Tuesday, November 22, 2022

Another phenomenal trade! + Tesla $TSLA

Time to declare victory on yet another phenomenal trade, and that would be, yesterday's swing trade in Oil!  

1. Not only did we just catch a 27% gain, in (2X leveraged) Ultra Bloomberg Crude Oil Bear $SCO. 

2. But we also caught a 10% return trip, in the Ultra Bloomberg Crude Oil Bull $UCO   

Mentioned this trade in a tweet last week: 

Then again Yesterday: 

How did I accomplish this Phenomenal (nearly 40%) swing trade? 

1. I was trading commodities (oil) rather than Tech, or some other dead sector. 

2. I didn't let on that I was short oil, until Friday. This kept me from being targeted by the hedge funds, or the Saudi Sheikhs, who follow me. 

3. I stuck with the short side of this trade for nearly 3 weeks.  

4. I had the help of the fake news was on my side, and the fast money clowns, at CNBC, and by that time I was already up quite a bit.   

5. I waited until capitulation, on yet another Monday morning surprise, before taking profits 

6. Lots of charting, and a little luck. Finding the pivot point on this trade, was not all that difficult.   

7. Took profits, and moved on to the next trade, because after a couple big moves like this, you're likely going to see a lot of nothing - expecting choppy sideways consolidation, and perhaps even a retest of lows. Common sense dictates that if you missed the boat in Oil, then it's not worth chasing, after.... 

Yesterday was a BIG fake news day! 


1. Oil 

Oil Rumor as allegedly reported by the formerly credible WSJ, and a simultaneous downgrade by government Sachs? 
Oil Prices Plunge As OPEC+ Considers Production Hike

2. China lock-downs return - now that the short sellers of Chinese stocks have been sufficiently squeezed  

China locks down key transportation hub; markets fear economic fallout Laura He Reported and Digital Producer, CNN Business 

3. The Fed governors are making bearish statements again, soon after the rigged Nov. OPEX date, or it that the lame stream media only started reporting it, yesterday? I think it's the latter. The MSM helped the bulls squeeze the short sellers into the shortened holiday week, and now they can start reporting bearish news again.

4. More bearish Elon Musk News    

  Today we finally see the lame stream media reporting that Elon Musk has lost a cool $100bn, and that round number target may have been the goal of the banksters who are embedded in the deep state? 

Tesla $TSLA - raising this to a strong buy, for obvious technical reasons, including bullish capitulation, followed by fake headlines. 

For disclosure, I don't own Tesla stock, and wouldn't need to disclose it, if I did... because I'm not a financial advisor! 

The Next Big Trade  

I see a big trade coming, but as usual it's going to cost you $99. 

This much I can tell you; it's a sector trade, and it's not in anything that's commodities driven. 

Take Care, and have a happy Thanksgiving, 


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