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Thursday, November 3, 2022

Market Update 11/3/2022 - Breaking News Jim Cramer Gets it Right, as the Trading Apes Continue Their Losing Streak

  Well, we sure didn't have to wait very long for that "pullback"! The one I've been predicting, for over a while now, and again yesterday.  

"...there's an excellent chance that we could see another rotation... out of the DOW, and into the short Tech trade" 

Who else got it right, albeit a little early? 


Oct 4th Credit Suisse Strategists Say Sell Bear Market Rally in Stocks Bloomberg 

Wait, October 4th?! 

Credit Suisse actually got it wrong, telling folks to sell a month ago, and they know they got it wrong, and what do the big banks do when they get it wrong?  They make the same prediction again, and call is a downgrade, or some shit....    

 Look, here they are again, on CNBC, just yesterday! 

Nov. 2nd Credit Suisse says this is a bear market rally that’s about to fail right here CNBC

You know who actually did get it right?

 The FinTwit Apes favorite contrarian - none other than my old pal Jim Cramer! 

Sun. Oct, 23 - Cramer: This bear market is getting long in the tooth CNBC

That's right, Jim fucking Cramer!  

I admit I've had my ups and downs with Cramer, over the years, but Cramer knows things, and he sure AF knows more than these snot nosed Apes I see all over twitter, pushing their side hustles, while still clinging to their worthless Reddit trades!  

Speaking of Worthless Stocks 

I actually had one of these Apes on my private twitter feed pushing his gd $BBBY holding, even after I have repeatedly stated that I don't appreciate outside input, or stocks being shamelessly pumped in my timeline, and of all stocks to be pumping - Bed Bath & Beyond - when I've specifically stated that this one, "is probably going to 0", in bankruptcy. I can't find the specific tweet, but this was back when they started remodeling their stores, in order to try to sell more bath items. I mean shampoo, and deodorant, type stuff. If I need shaving cream, I don't shop BBBY, I go to Walgreens! 

I'm actually surprised I didn't block this long time follower, but I'm trying...

 "I'm trying real hard to be the Sheppard"     

 Have you seen $BBBY lately? 

$BBBY - this is the actual chart I showed my follower, in April, telling him:

"The lt trend (seen in black) is technically (still) up but $BBBY needs to hold this (back when it was trading at 9.50-$10) level... I hardly mess around with single stocks anymore. Too risky"

$BBBY - updated - now trading back below $5 and taking out the recent lows. This is where institutions give up on stocks - below $5 - and start liquidating btw

Getting back to the real market 

 I really haven't had  a chance to update the charts, but the market was sold exactly where I said.... 

I even called it in real time: 

1. $VIX plummets as predicted in yesterday's update 

2. Little relief rally as predicted... 

3. Market sells off, right where I said it would...

It doesn't get any easier than that! 

One more thing!

So, not only was I right on every count, but we got confirmation that the DOW rally was sold - including $AAPL, and Energy, and whatever else they used to rig the DOW, but here's the icing on the cake; here's Energy Bull Carter Worth doing a total flip-flop on the energy sector! 

Here you see "the chart master", all of a sudden changing his outlook on Energy 

$CVX Watch this one, because it's a Dow Holding 

  Of course this ties together nicely everything I've been blogging on over the past several weeks. I have plenty of documentation...  and plan to delve more deeply into to it, in the near future! 

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Take Care, AA 


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