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Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Market Update Technical Tuesday 11/29/22

 I haven't been on line much lately, because the market is slow, and it's an easy read, and I got some other projects I've been working on.... 

Yesterday's market action 

Looked like your typical Monday morning surprise, complete with fake news out of China 

Zero-Covid protests rock China, and Western markets nytimes

The Newsletter 

I managed to send out a Newsletter, yesterday morning (Monday), which ties in yesterday's (manufactured) bad news - out of China - with the prediction I made last wed. 

Red Alert: Bad News - Incoming!

Speaking of China 

As many news outlets were reporting on how global markets were rattled by protests in China, Chinese stocks didn't even sell off, and it wasn't until the market had closed, that Bloomberg finally reported that the Golden Dragon Index actually ended up; regardless of what CNN, FOX, CNBC, and Bloomberg see, as their greater mission. 

Like I said in Wednesday's update this is brain washing, and it's quite surreal to watch play out, after predicting it.   

This just goes to show, that most of what is reported by the western media, has little basis in reality. It insults my intelligence to even watch it anymore, so I watch with the sound off.  

I've come to expect the media, and even social media, to be used to the globalists advantage

Regardless of who owns Twitter; the algos are programmed to push the same fake stories, so I don't suppose my complaints will do much good. 

Musk, himself, has joked about people who complain about Twitter, yet continue to use it, but I think this trend could change, once people wake up to the fact that their thought process is being manipulated.

If any of the above analysis sounds a little crazy to you:

  Project MKUltra was an illegal human experimentation program designed and undertaken by the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency, intended to develop procedures and identify drugs that could be used in interrogations to weaken individuals and force confessions through brainwashing and psychological torture - wiki 

Yesterday's market action - continued  

Traders return to a Monday morning surprise - mostly in energy, but I also noticed the Russell 2000, and financials gapped down. Not to mention Apple 

$AAPL - 

This just felt like a little engineered shakeout, and one which is obviously going to be short lived, looking at my charts. 

For instance: The $VIX was sold exactly where you would expect - back below - 22.37 - (the previous Nov. low). 

Speaking of the $VIX: Do you realize that the $VIX has been driven within a hair's breath of the magic 20 level. Didn't I tell you the powers that be, would take full advantage of the low holiday volume..?  

This morning you see futures up, and China up 3.5%? Watch the lame stream media try to discount that! 

I could've told you there was absolutely 0% chance that the market was going to sell off today. 

Looking forward: 

As I stated last week, things aren't expected to pick up, until next week, where we should get a 2 week (normal) trading window, ahead of Dec. OPEX, and the holidays. I figure the month is almost over, and new money get's put to work at the beginning of each month, and the short sellers aren't going to go short into another weekend (coming up), but we'll see... 

We also have a FOMC announcement coming up on the 15th, and if we get a pullback, ahead of that, then we could see Dec. OPEX manipulated higher (again), just ahead of an early Hanukkah (which starts on the 18th). On the other hand, the fed announcement may be used as an excuse to take profits, before the end of the year. God know they want to do a re-balancing, and raise some cash.... rather than continue to chase energy stocks in 2023! 

It's hard to predict how that all plays out, but it should all become clearer, as each event unfolds. 

Take Care, AA 

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