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Tuesday, November 15, 2022

Market Update 11/15/22 - G20 Monster Trade Low Volatility

 Today I want to talk about the lack of volatility in the market, and 2 monster trades, most traders missed  

First: The Lack of Volatility in an otherwise dull market 

In yesterday's lengthy update, I asked the question How Long Can The Market Hold Up?

Then I preceded to give you several reason why it likely will hold up into the thanksgiving holiday; the main reason being that nobody is going to build a big short position, going into a holiday, and the powers that be - knowing this - have driven the market in to a capitulation top, so they can collect on their Call Options, this week! 

We've seen this story so many times before, and If I've said it once, I've said it 1000 times, "never sell a dull market"! 

 In this weeks news letter I called last weeks dull market, "the calm before the storm", which I identified as the most recent Crypto crash, but in hindsight it looks like the powers that be - the globalists - who are meeting at the G20 in Bali - is the more obvious reason (for the low volatility).    

There's an old saying - I used to hear on Fast Money - that you don't hear much any more, that "nothing good ever comes out of the G20", meaning that it's not usually a big market mover, although this time was different.    

$CZH (China Index) which I pointed to in a recent update - is up 50% since Oct.!   

US-China Trade and Investment the Winner After Biden-Xi G20 Meeting 

China was a great trade, and continues to run, but for some reason it got very little coverage. and now that CNBC is pointing to it, that should be the kiss of death, for that rally! 

I wouldn't touch this trade, for all the tea in China, pun intended! 😆

How is it that a market like China lose over 75% of it's value in only 2 years, and the main stream media doesn't even cover it, but then when it rallies 2% on a Monday, CNBC reports that? This has to be a set up, or a dog whistle to the short sellers. 

How worthless is the lame stream media?    

This morning Bloomberg is reporting that market futures are higher because "investors are hopeful for a fed pivot".  No, I'm not making this up, I actually read this ridiculous - banner - headline! 😆  

Meanwhile Bloomberg, buries the real news that Joe Biden is sick, yet again! 

How many times can one person get sick? 

Exhibit A 

Exhibit B

Biden coughs into hand, proceeds to shake hands with public while maskless


Biden mingled without a mask less than a week after one of his Cabinet members tested positive for COVID-19 Oct. 25th, 2021


Exhibit C

Joe Biden’s Coughing and farting and other embarrassing royal moments for Americans

Nov. 12th, 2022

Exhibit D

Coughing Biden Says He Has a Cold USNews Dec. 3, 2021

Exhibit E

Biden says he’s ‘doing well’ after testing positive for COVID-19

Exhibit F 

Biden coughs through CHIPS bill signing speech after COVID-19 isolation August 9, 2022

Exhibit G
The Internet seems to have been completely scrubbed of Joe Biden complaining that that he caught a cold, in his comments at the G20, yesterday.   

Still searching 40 min. later 

Biden: "Excuse me, I have a cold" @ 55 sec. 

Excess deaths AND long-term sickness dramatically increased in the UK 

Getting back to the G20 

What does the G20 do?  

The Group of Twenty, an informal gathering of many of the world’s largest economies, is the premier global forum for discussing economic issues.

 What does this have to do with the low volatility?

Look, there are a lot of big shots at the G-20, and if these whales aren't trading, that removes a lot of liquidity from the market, but the chance that something big may come out of these meetings also keep the short sellers at bay. 

Same thing happens when the globalist meet in Davos. The market generally trickles to a halt.

Another Trade I wanted to mention is financials 

It's normal for financials to lead a market rally, and that's why I called it out again, back in October was it?  

Of course, what goes up, must come down, so this is another sector to watch 

My guess is we see another retest of the highs. 

Yesterday, fast money traders said they were afraid of yesterday afternoon's sell-off, but those guys must not watch the $VIX. If you did... then you would know that there is absolutely no fear in this market! 

I think we're still on track for a close above 4000, on the $SPX. 

Good Luck, AA 

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