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Tuesday, January 24, 2023

Has Gold Really Outperformed Bitcoin? Fact Checking: Jim Cramer

 Crypto  vs Gold 

On The 1/23/23 edition of Mad Money, Jim Cramer make the argument that Gold has outperformed Bitcoin, and he claims that Gold has led the rally, as tech has sold off, paraphrasing. 

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Charts suggest investors should ignore ‘crypto cheerleaders’ and stick with gold, Jim Cramer says

Watch the entire 10 min Video For Yourself 

Now Let's Do and Honest Comparison Between Gold and Bitcoin: 

1. Bitcoin has traded from 15,700, all the way back to 23k., over the past few months. That's a 50%

2. Gold has traded from around the $1600 level (1618.30), all the way back to 1939.00, for a gain of 20%.

Although Bitcoin does tend to sell-off with Tech stocks, Gold has in no way outperformed Bitcoin 


As I've said before, I believe, former Goldman Sachs Employee, Jim Cramer does the bidding of the Deep State, and the Money Printers, but I'll leave it up to you, to decide, what Cramer's motivation is, for painting a false narrative. 

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