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Monday, March 13, 2023

Market Update Banking Collapse, HSBC buyout of SVB UK division, European Markets, oh and Silver!

 Seeing a little left-over fear in market this morning, and especially overseas. 

Didn't I tell you Europe needed to correct? Of course I did  

Feb. 22, 2023 

There's always a trade somewhere; you just have to know where to look; but 95% of traders would rather follow the herd, and trade what's familiar. 

Care to follow the herd off the next cliff? #SilverSqueeze is trending lol 

Oops looks like I forgot to include the chart (screenshot from my mobile) on that tweet, but anyone can pull up a chart and see the long term trend. 

$SLV Silver 

I like Silver, and Gold, when the collapse comes, but that's a little premature.... 

Getting back to Europe: 

Breaking News 

HSBC to buy UK arm of Silicon Valley Bank

Here's something I'll bet you didn't know:  HSBC is a Chinese Bank! 

That's right: 

HSBC Bank (China) Company Limited was one of the first foreign banks to incorporate locally in mainland China in 2007. It is part of the worldwide HSBC Group and is wholly owned by Hong Kong-based The Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited wiki
So while everybody is supposed to be up in arms, over China buying farm land, or flying weather (surveillance balloons), or invading Taiwan, HSBC is the elephant in the room!  

Perhaps Bloomberg could mention that fact that HSBC is a Chinese bank, when they upgrade communist China? 

Breaking: Counterfeit President, Joe Biden to address the US Banking Crisis 8:00 AM 

Also catch the weekly wrap-up, posted over the weekend - if you missed it. 


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