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Wednesday, August 9, 2023

Market Update Wed. 8/9/23 - Gold, Tech Stocks, Energy

 Yesterday was better day trading than we've seen in a while, but I'm more interested in finding the next momentum trade, rather than honing in on tiny intraday moves. 

We finally got a decent shakeout in tech, and semiconductors, and a midday reversal in energy.   

9:00AM CST: Energy rallies off the lows: 

This was an easy call, because where ExxonMobil goes, energy is sure to follow; always watch $XOM

 I called that, the best trade of the day, and it was. 

Explains why the CNBC fast money crew was seen celebrating on last night's show.  

I re-affirmed this trend - 2 days ago:

Monday August 7th: Weekly Wrap-up, and a look ahead...

 As long as investors continue to panic out of tech stocks, they're going to continue to pile into energy stocks, but I'm afraid we're about to see a nasty sector rotation... 

I even like Semis here, after yesterday's little shakeout.

Of course this required a little false breakout on the $VIX, but that's about all the $VIX is good for anymore.  

I'm giving away a lot of valuable information, and I'm not finished yet! 

The $USD vs Gold 

After identifying the trend on the $USD, I think there's a good chance we see investors pile back into metals.  

Speaking of Joe Biden, and the globalist cabal

Reaffirming the globalist's motivation to take energy prices down: 

Updated 25 min ago

Lingering inflation worries keep Biden approval stagnant at 40%: Reuters/Ipsos poll 

But wait there's more! 

World Bank halts new lending to Uganda over anti-LGBTQ law

This is the agenda of the Marxist globalists: To destroy God, Family, and Country.  

Take Care, 


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