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Thursday, September 28, 2023

Best Speculative Trade of the Year!

 If you don't know what a speculative trade is, it's a longshot; high risk/high reward, and a higher than usual risk of losing your entire investment, so invest accordingly. In other words don't bet the farm when betting on speculative names. 

The highest risk investments are in stocks that trade below $5, and sub $1 names - aka penny stocks, most of which are in all probability, on their way to 0 (zero), because institutional investors don't invest in this junk. 

Best Speculative Trade of the Year!   

If you follow me on Twitter then you probably saw me doing the happy dance, after yesterday's open, after hitting the lotto in a little AI stock called ShiftPixy $PIXY. 

With a name like that you know there has to be a lot of short interest, so it's no wonder we saw the stock pop 185%. 

I happened to be a little overly invested in this name, after repeatedly adding to my position, over the past several weeks, and I made out like a bandit - as they say. Risk works both ways, and sometimes if you're lucky, you win, and if you're very lucky, you win BIG!  

By the afternoon, I could be seen kicking sand in the short sellers faces, and rubbing salt in their wounds: 

As if that wasn't enough; I also called the breakout on the $SPX, and even updated over 100 stock charts, and tweeted 100 chart views, and all on only a few hours of sleep. 


$SPX breakout confirmed 

$SPX Rally Faded 

That rally was cut short - and you would never guess where - at the 200 (min.( moving average, on a 5 min. chart. 

Market Update

Am I going to hang my hat on a breakout on a 5 min. chart? No 

The market looks bottom - the opposite of toppy - but they  (the crooks.. ) - usually like to break the charts, and I see the $SPX target they're shooting for. 

I even tweeted it: 

I'd say there's a 50% chance of a lower low, on Friday (another weekly OpEx and the last trading day of the month), but only a 10% chance that this sell-off continues to gain steam. 

Others are more bearish:

The S&P is heading below 3,000. Basic math (and a metric beloved by famed economist Robert Shiller) suggests it yahoo

Oil & Energy 

Today the Oct futures expire, and we saw money pile into energy again yesterday. Some of that may have been some last minute 3rd quarter window dressing. 

Rigged Market Alert

Good luck,


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