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Friday, September 8, 2023

This $VIX REVELATION could change the stock market forever

 Money managers return to their desks next week, and many have already returned... and this explains the selling we've seen over the past 3 days. 

Monday will be the first Monday of the month, and money must be put to work, so what better time than right now to shake the weak hands!  

$VIX - actually closed in the red yesterday.   

Speaking of the $VIX, and continuing where I left off yesterday:  

The embedded video confirms what I've been saying about the $VIX - no longer working as an indicator of fear in the market - since around the beginning of 2022.  

Yes, changes to $SPX options, and the introduction of Daily Options have changed the market, but it's not only the $SPX being manipulated. 

Tech and big tech in particular have been hijacked by the sellers of volatility.

$VXN (The $NDX/ $VIX) - the proof is in the pudding, and seen on the chart below. 

We've seen the VIX manipulated since the Fed started experimenting with ways to decrease volatility, since Bernanke was in charge, but that was child's play compared to what 0DTE traders are doing. 

The only caveat for the short sellers is that the lower volatility, the smaller the daily moves. 


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