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Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Market Update 10/22/2019 - Earnings Season & Market Complacentcy

Market futures are struggling at my red line, and the $GBP is struggling, at resistance, so I'll remain bearish, thank you!  The market is focused on earnings season, but this seems utterly complacent. The PTB were seen hammering the $VIX down at the 14.50 level, yesterday and as long as it doesn't breakout above 15 again, the complacency can continue. I do have a lower $VIX target, but I think it would take some very good news to see that hit. Maybe on a Brexit deal? I'll alert to $VIX breakouts on the 1 min. chart, and if that breaks, we'll move to the 15 min chart. 

$SPX - 1 min chart

 If you look at the longer term charts, you'll see the market is just treading water.

The $BKX - DCS chart. Saw a - one day - breakout above the top of my down-turned channel, on my long term chart - located in the public charts area. Not sure if that's a breakout, or a fake-out, but that becomes the stop-hunt, and sell it with both hands if/when it breaks. 
There's quite a bit of resistance here at the 103.50 level, trading at the top of the range (seen in purple). 

$BANK - This index is far from breaking out, so I think $JPM is driving the $BKX, and I don't trust $JPM for obvious reasons. See: Banksters Finally Hit with Racketeering Charges– Better Late Than Never!

 $RIFIN - financials look like it wants to break out, but it's not official 

$USB - US (zombie) Bank is one to watch - trading at a lower high.

Earnings - 

I track 100's of stocks to lets look at some of those... who just reported.

McDonald's - bullish trend remains intact. It's testing key support on disappointing earnings.

$CMG Chipoltle - Not sure when they report, but all it's going to take is another salmonella outbreak to take this one down again. False breakout in a head-fake wave "D". I like it at $150.

$LMT - looks like the Military Industrial Complex is still in charge, but not for long. Or could it be that the socialist are going to fund Universal Healthcare, instead of the Military? I'd much prefer to see the Beast system destroyed, in his coming. Let the reader understand. 

 One more thing:

Gold Miners could get a nice bounce here, but don't fall in love with the upside! 


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