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Friday, October 4, 2019

Market Update 10/4/2019 - "Why is the market up?" Part 1

We'll get to yesterday's perfectly executed trade, in a moment, but first let's look at what, "The Enemy of the State", and their leftist propaganda machine (specifically CNBC), is up to.
Read: The Radical Left: Enemy of the State or Loyal Opposition? American Thinker - September 25, 2019

"Why is the market up?"

I don't make a habit of watching CNBC, but yesterday I saw this question posed, by the host of Fast Money, to the Fast Money crew, at CNBC - why is the market up? - at which they all kind of shrugged their shoulders, and gave answers like "selling exhaustion?", and "over-sold?". 

The question itself implies that the market should not be up, and this adds weight to the continuing bearish narrative being pushed by this network. They also claim that we typically see volatility spike in Oct, which I debunked right here! You know what I think? I think they're all short!   

 CNBC/MSNMC/NBC is rooting for a recession, and certain fast money traders blame every market pullback on a "Trump tweet". See:  MSNBC Host OPENLY Hopes For Recession On Live Television.

These people would like nothing more, than seeing the economy tank, as it did in 2008, in order to get on with their political agenda, and I suppose they feel like it's their duty, to talk down the economy, and even take the market down, if they can, but the market moves on it's only time line, and in predictable patterns. 

It's hard for me to believe, these so called pro-traders, can't even find a support level, when I found it so easilly, so they're either ignorant, or dishonest. You decide...

 See PART 2....  


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