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Thursday, October 3, 2019

Market Update 10/3/2019 - Hong Kong Imposes Martial Law

 Hong Kong Imposes Martial Law 

  "The wide range of powers extends to censorship of media, arrests, detentions and deportations, the control of ports and all transport, the appropriation of property, and authorizing the entry and search of premises and the censorship and suppression of publications and communications. South China Morning Post, August 30, 2019

Of course, the communist Chinese, and corporate owned, main steam media, is reporting something different; Hong Kong Imposes "Emergency" Law, because that sounds less authoritarian, but if it looks like a duck, and quacks like a duck, it's a duck, and I'm certain, they will impose the same thing here in America, once the leftist radicals finally decide to, "shut it down".

Re: The Civil War taking place within our own government - Just as I blogged earlier in the week - now it comes out that the deep state Dems had colluded with the so called whistle-blower, for weeks... They were just waiting for the right time, to drop their phony bombshell. In fact it finally reported yesterday, that the CIA "whistleblower" (leaker) ran the idea past Rep. Schiff’s staff, before he even filed the report against President Trump, The New York Times reported.

There's you're real collusion 2.0, between the inept CIA, and the radicals... and the fact that Shiff lied about it, that's the real coverup attempt. Funny, Shawn Hannity didn't report this until last night, 1 day after the New York Times had reported it, and the rest of FOX News ignores the story all together. I guess Cavuto and comp. are too busy comparing Trump (impeachment)... to what happened to markets after Nixon, and Bill Clinton. There really is no comparison... but I think as long as they can outrage the public, it keeps people watching.

 Re: "Censorship and suppression of publications and communications"

We may not be under martial law yet, but we are living in militarized police state, and we are seeing  "censorship and suppression of publications and communications", just as Hong Kong is. 

1. Just yesterday they tried to ban Trump himself from Twitter. See: Is Kamala Harris Right That Twitter Should Ban Trump?
2. "Joe Biden's campaign demands major networks quit booking Rudy Giuliani as a guest, saying they want him to be silenced! 

This is leftist fascism in America, and the corporate owned main stream media is marching in lock step! Scary stuff 

Getting to this morning's less important market update: 

First thing I wanted to do this morning (at 3 AM) was to check the $DAX, because where Germany goes, US markets go, and what I found it astonishing! I was able to find a bearish channel on the long term $DAX - unlike on any of the major US indices - but the short term chart is bullish, after today's 3% washout. 
$DAX - This is one of my best indicators, along with several others, I don't give away for free, but I can show you why the market was sold where it was. Right shoulder, on a bearish H&S pattern was sold. 

Same bearish H&S pattern I alerted to on the $NYSE:

We saw another right shoulder, on a massive H&S pattern on the $BKX. You can check that on a 3 year chart!

$DOW - Getting back to US markets, and where they broke down.

1. The 27,000 level was sold in conjunction with the impeachment news. Think this wasn't coordinated...? LOL

2. Support at 26, 600 was taken out along with the 50 day moving average.

Ignore the black down-arrows - support looks like 25,750 - 26k, and that can either be tested on a lower $VIX high, or a slightly higher $VIX high. I hate giving out $VIX targets here, but I guess 23.50 is possible, and that's still below the high we saw over the summer.  

$DRIP - Leveraged Oil & Gas Bear ETF. Stay away from this, in fact I like the opposite trade $GUSH, I think it is?  More below...

I often see ETF's trading as if they're indices, but there's one big, major, difference, between the moving averages on Oil, for instance, and an Oil ETF. Last I checked, the $USO moving averages were trading pretty much in line with Oil, but that's rare.

Look at the buying into $DRIP at the 50 day. Don't ever do that, because moving averages don't apply to these funds! Uninformed traders obviously bought the breakout, but that's not a valid indicator!

I really want to blog more on ETFs, but I'm running out of time. Maybe next time!

That's all, Thanks for reading

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