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Wednesday, August 25, 2021

CNBC interview confirms what I've been saying for years; Every OPEX (Options Expiration) is manipulated

CNBC interview confirms what I've been saying for years; Every OPEX (Options Expiration) is manipulated

If you're a perma-bear and on twitter a lot, you've probably heard of Northman Trader. I think I've blogged on him before, but I don't follow him. I don't follow anyone, because outside opinions can skew my outlook, and I believe my technicals is superior to anyone else's.... 

If you'd like to follow Northman, it's an easy twitter search. 

@NormanTrader posted this, this morning.

 I can't disagree with that sentiment. The market has been overly complacent ever since positive sentiment topped out - according to my indicators - months ago, and at this late stage in the game, most investors believe, stocks can only go up.   

Here's the interview, from CNBC's World Wide Exchange):

Confirms Opex date manipulation - and I agree some if not most of it it algorithms (AI).... 

Options are purchased by computer programs, in the blink of an eye, and these programs, also take into account, which OPEX dates coincide with light volume holiday short covering. Some scientists believe the universe is a computer program, and the more I study markets, the more orderly it looks to me. The market moves according to set timelines. Even the so called covid crash took place between 1 OPEX, and the next.... and Puts were probably sold a year out, and here we are, months later, still looking at new all time market highs. It's totally rigged, and nobody could even convince me otherwise. 

NorthmanTrader’s Sven Henrich on the unusual patterns in the recent market rally

 If you missed yesterday's blog

  If you missed yesterday's blog. be sure to check it out. It contains my long term outlook, and plenty of long term chart views.... also see my twitter feed, from yesterday, where I put Italy, Greece, and other failing economies on death-watch. Remember these were just some of the charts I used to call the top, back just before covid was used as an excuse to grease the market's wheels again (money printing/ bailout world/ since 2009). 

I forgot to add a chart yesterday, and I'll probably have more to add to it, once I get a chance to do some more charting. 

$SPX - upturned wedge. I'm probably going to add this one to the public charts area. It's an awesome view, showing the right range we're still trading in.   

Later, AA 



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