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Friday, August 13, 2021

Market Update - 8/13/21 - Friday The Thirteenth

 Happy Friday The 13th! Most traders are superstitious, but Friday the 13th is usually only bad luck for the bears, like most Fridays.   

Today was bad luck for investors, who held onto $WISH (context logic), going into today's earnings report! This is one of the stocks I've been trading, and I've been trading so many... I had to look to see if I still held this one, but thankfully I sold into the latest rally. 

$WISH - I like it once all the weak hands have been shaken out. I have a target, but "loose lips sink ships".   

$DIS (evil) Disney reported good earnings today. I like the gap fill target around 115 - 120, months from now. 

$UNG (NatGas) was seen higher in after market, but lower - this morning - in premarket. The pivot on that trade is going to be the 13.52 level. Could see a shakeout below there, but also see the 3X leveraged gas bear (chart) I posted, after yesterday's closing bell. Could see a Friday short squeeze! 

Again, see the update I posted after yesterday's closing bell, and have a great weekend. 

Also watch for this 29.69 level on the $DUST to break 

Take Care, and I'll see you next week, unless I see the need for another update. 

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