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Thursday, December 23, 2021

2021 Wrap-up, and A look ahead at the trade going into the new year 2022

In yesterday's update, I got so caught up exposing the corporate owned financial fake news, I forgot to add the updated Dow chart, so I did that on my (pinned) twitter page, and that's the place to look for the latest up to the minute updates.  

I've turned wishy-washy on Natural Gas, after yesterday's action, and updated that on my twitter as well. 

I forgot to mention the massive gains we've seen in the airlines, and $JETS, which I called out as recently as last week. That the recent selling was nothing more than a "shakeout, before the breakout". 

Airlines up 5% this week! Too bad there isn't a leveraged Bull ETF. It would be pushing 15%....  

With only 4 more trading day's left in 2021; The market continued to rally yesterday, as volatility continued to fall-off - as I've been predicting it would... - for weeks - and the market manipulators have managed to hold the market near record highs, going into the end of the year - which I also predicted - but this is just to make Joe Biden and the Democrates look good, and so that the crooked bankers get their yearly bonuses, and probably for other reasons I don't fully understand. For whatever reason they have for keeping the market propped up since April. It's all an illusion; window dressing; lipstick on the proverbial pig.   

I see futures barely up on this Thursday (weekly OPEX), and think it's best not to trade this dull market. I'm mostly in cash, and planning to sit on the sidelines, until we see some consolidation, or a breakout somewhere.  

Monday's sell-off started in Germany, so US markets shouldn't be leading a recovery. Market's continue to get ahead of themselves, and on super light volume. 

Watch the 20 day moving average on the $VIX, as machines will be selling, even if noone else wants to.... 

but at the end of the month, we've only continues to trade in a range April.

This might be news to anyone who believes CNBC, when they report that the market has made 60 new highs this year, but the market isn't measured in consecutive days, or winning streaks.  

The $NYSE is only trading a couple hundred points higher than it was back in April, and is only expected to hold up a little longer. 

Have a Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year, 


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