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Monday, December 27, 2021

Market Update 12/27/2021 - Light Volume Manipulation Continues

 Hope you all had a great holiday! 

Thursday the manipulators managed to drive the $SPX to a new closing high, simply by lifting several $SPX components, around 2.5%. 

The actual market - as I pointed out in the last update is not even close to breaking out to new highs. Check the $NYSE, and the $WLSH, indices for yourself.  

Even the $SOX has - which had been leading in 2020, and 2021, has only been trading in a range, over the past several weeks. 

So, why manipulate the $SPX? Because this is the only thing most traders watch - the $SPX - and it's going to make headlines on most the financial fake news outlets. If traders believe the market has broken out to new highs, they might also think, it's "off to the races".  

 $WLSH - looks like the market controllers forgot to rig this well diversified index; and just like the $SOX, it topped out several weeks ago. 

I'll continue to watch the fake bull market from the sidelines, thank you! 

If you're fool enough to trade on light holiday volume, you're going to want to watch the $VIX, very closely. Looks like it was already oversold last week, and this morning it's up in futures. 

$VIX resistance looks like 19.65  

  I continue to look towards China, for bargain basement entry points, as well as other sector specific trades.

$CZH - China 

Good Luck in 2022, 



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