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Thursday, December 30, 2021

Taking a look back at 2021, and beyond, and have a Happy New Year!

 Looking back at 2021, and Beyond 

And when I say beyond, I'm referring to the past 13 years, since the failed recover of 2009. 

This morning I had planned to focus on more moving averages, which I see being bought, and how these levels continue to fight the patterns I'm seeing, but yesterday's blog really got me thinking, about the "new normal", and that led me to do some charting of the $NYSE. and  at this point I'm 100% convinced, that the market has been taken over (totally rigged) by the criminal cabal in Washington, formally known as our representative government. 

Of course this also includes the fed, but the effort to keep America from falling like Rome, is no doubt being led by politicians who are afraid of what will happen, when their ponzi scheme economy finally collapses.  

As of today, most investors believe everything will continue as it has since every other market crash, and they have complete confidence in the federal reserve. This is the height of complacency, and ignores the fact that 90% of what is reported by the industrial media complex, is propaganda, designed to confuse the population and shut up anyone who dares to expose their lies. Bread and Circuses!  

This explain why nobody in Washington is seen calling for the release of Journalist Julian Assange, or any other true whistle-blowers, for that matter, but I digress.    

Looking back at the failed bull market of 2009. 

$NYSE (chart below) - 1. See the bull market which started in 2009, and looked like it had been confirmed in 2011, when it traded into a bullish upturned channel (seen in blue). 2. Next see where that bull market ended in 2018. That's where we saw the end of anything resembling an honest market, and the beginning of totally rigged markets. Of course, I'm sure the bankers were told, "do whatever you have to do to save the economy", because financial collapse isn't an option, and so they continued using tax payer money (as they were authorized to do in 2008), to drive stocks to new highs. Of course, it's impossible to drive every stock up, and this is why only a few heavily weighted stocks are driving the market ever higher. 

The term new normal", to describe market crashes, actually began with the so called "flash crash", but a market which crashes every few years, unless money is injected into it, is anything but normal! 

3. See how the market was driven to new all time highs in 2017, 2019, and again in the present day 2021, and how once that goal is achieved, and the bulls declare victory, profit taking ensues, and the market inevitably crashes. 

 I believe they won't crash this market again until the 2022 calendar year, and possibly not until new money is put to work at the beginning of the year, but timelines aren't too predictable.   

4. Another thing to make note of on the chart above is that the 50 week moving average, which was bought, in the most recent pullback. I alluded to this in yesterday's blog.  

 One more chart view 

The DOW: The dow continues to under-perform, and basically just remain propped up, above the upper channel, but what I really want to point out, is how the chart was repaired in the beginning of 2020, where it was intentionally driven back into the broken channel. 

Also see how the 200 day ma, lines up with a juicy gap-fill target? Perfect! 

Of course the fake news can't stop reporting that the $SPX has hit 70 new highs this year, and bullish investors must be eating that shit up, but a fool and his money are soon parted.  

Take Care in 2022, and have a Happy New Year! 


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