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Thursday, March 24, 2022

Market Update 3/24/22 - You Really Gotta See This!

 In the last update I showed you how the controllers - or quant trading programs - were selling the $VIX, using a 5 min. chart, which is just craziness. 

Well yesterday, I open up my trading app, to check $VIX and I see the $VIX being hammered - Jim Cramer style - at the 5 day moving average!  THE 5 DAY..! 

This leaves me wondering, "is this is the new normal"; or is this something that's been going on for years, and I'm just now discovering it? I think I would've noticed this sooner, if it was a thing, because I have played around with every timeline, and indicator, over the years. 

This would help explain why many chart views no longer work, as I've pointed out in past blogs - as well as why we see markets become extremely overbought to the point where a correction looks like, what can only be described as a "market crash", like the mini-crash we saw when the covid story was finally allowed to be broadcast. I mean, who didn't see that coming, 1 day after an OPEX (Options Expiration) date? More on this topic, later....    

This comes back to the question, who's doing it? 

The lame stream media likes to blame reddit traders every time the market does crazy things, calling them "meme trades", yet "there's nothing new under the sun". We always see short squeezes this time of year, why should this year be any different? And the same goes for Gasoline, being driven higher, ahead of the summer driving season. Nothing new...  

Retail investors cheating vs the crooked banks (hedge-funds) 

Any group of investors, or pseudo hedge fund, armed with a gaming (chat) app, such as Discord, could coordinate their efforts to manipulated nearly any market, but I believe it's actually the hedge funds, who are behind this. The same hedge funds the fed bailed out in the last - 30 day - market crash, by recklessly, and quite unnecessarily printing trillions of dollars, in order to save the already over-priced ponzi-market, and the corrupt hedge funds, who perpetually help (the fed) manipulate it. Remember this is a ponzi scheme, after all...  

It's no wonder they respond by putting that money back to work driving high risk - high beta, commodities, and crypos - of all things - rather than investing long term, in the fake bull market in stocks. I call it a fake bull market, because the majority of stocks do not go up, only a select few, in order to rig one index or another. 

If you're going to bail out bad behavior, then you should expect more bad behavior. 

This is what the new normal looks like. 

I think the fed banks, and their overseas partners (in crime) know it's not going to end well. They see a day of reckoning on the horizon, just as I do, and their solution is to start WWIII, What better distraction... from a problem they themselves created? 

This also explains why ever narrative created by those who own the mass distraction media, reads like a bad soap opera. It's so ridiculous, the I can't even watch television with the sound turned up anymore, and it's no wonder you see so many millennials cutting their cable, in search of better - paid/ streaming - entertainment. Good luck with that! 

 So where is the market going?

If you have to ask that question, then you obviously didn't realize the $VIX is being manipulated, yesterday. Futures are up, of course. 

As I predicted yesterday, window dressing will continue into the end of the quarter, although most firms will close their books - for Q1 - this week, and then we'll probably see another nasty correction. 

I'm still not too impressed with this rally, and I'm not the only one seeing a good possibility for lowers lows before the summer. 

$WLSH - this looks like your typical impulse wave in a bear market. Volume doesn't point to any sort of conviction... only retail short covering.    




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