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Thursday, March 17, 2022

Market Update 3/17/22 - Historic - Once In A lifetime Trade

Back in Jan., I blogged: Market Update 1/21/22 - Best Trade Of The Year, which turned out to be in Natural Gas, and that this was shaping up to be one hell of a trading year, if you knew where to put money to work, rather than getting bogged down trading a facsimile of the broader market (#SPY), or Gold miners, or whatever else has lacked direction.  

Well, yesterday's short squeeze in Chinese stocks, and big tech, was what can only be described as historic, and I enjoyed every bit of it, as I started scaling into these trades on Monday and Tuesday, and and then patiently waited until later in the day (yesterday) to finally take profits in $YINN (up nearly 65%), and $FNGU up 35%! I manage 3 separate accounts, and this morning I'm ecstatic to report that all 3 are trading at record highs this morning. So far, this is the best quarter I've ever had, and the only downside is having to pay (estimated) short term capital gains, to a gangster government that doesn't represent me, or my values, and I'm serious about becoming an expat, if any foreign hedge funds are interested in making me a serious (lower, to mid. 6 figure) offer. 

There was a time, not so long ago, that I would've jumped to work for a hedge fund, but now I can be more selective.    

This is the best trading I've ever experienced in the 15 (or so) years I've been doing this, so I'm just savoring the moment, and planning to celebrate St. Patrick's Day with some prime corned beef brisket, which I put a homemade brine on, about a week ago.  

Alibaba - up 36% 

That probably my best call out on Twitter, and all you had to do was pull the trigger... 

$DIDI Let's say you didn't have a ton of money to buy 1000 shares of Aliblabla, but you were willing to take on more risk.... you could've bought 1000 share of $DIDI for $2,300, on Tues., and you'd be up a cool, 40%! Again, Historic, given how obvious the oversold condition was, looking at the chart. 

 If someone knows how much those options would be worth at tomorrows expiration, I'd like to know...? 

Weibo - even this one was up 20%! Created and tweeted the chart in real time. 

 $FXI chart (washout) tweeted the day before. All you had to do, was put the trade on. BOOM - 20% gains!  


As far as FAANG stocks are concerned, I told you yesterday, that the hedge funds were heavily short big tech, judging by the lies they were spreading (about the NDX 100 $VIX) on Bloomberg, and elsewhere.  

$FNGD (the 3X Leveraged FAANG Bear Fund)  - 3X Look at the historic candles, not to mention the Russian bear trap that was set on Wed.  

Looks like Hedge Funds may become a thing of the past, if this trend of home-gamers' like me, outsmarting them at every turn continues, and I expect that I will..! 

If this was easy, I'd start a redit page, and take a bunch of people along with me, but being popular takes too much effort, and it's a distraction I don't need. Winning takes focus, and distraction is the enemy of focus. 

Oil up this morning, on more Russia fake news, and there's a lot more I could get into, but we've already run out of time. 

Take Care, and have a Happy St. Patrick's Day,


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