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Wednesday, March 9, 2022

Market Update 3/9/22 - Why I'm leaving Twitter

 Ok, first off, I'm planning to leave Twitter, and ditch the fascist tech tyranny for the new "Truth Social" (platform), as soon as the roll-out to android is confirmed.   

Follow the Truth in social media truthsocial. "Truth Social is a social media platform that encourages an open, free, and honest global conversation without discriminating against political ideology." 

You're welcome to join me there. Otherwise, I'll probably continue to blog, and update the public charts area, until I retire on a lake somewhere, in the north woods.

I've been looking for an alternative to twitter for a while now, and looking forward to getting away from the constant Orwellian Moral Panic, perpetuated by the fake news cycle.   

Speaking of the corrupt fake news outlets:  

Yesterday, although Bloomberg labeled yesterdays session as "Volatile For Stocks", the $VIX was actually lower. This just adds to the case I've been making for the past few years, that the people behind the scenes must have skin in the game, and this especially holds true for CNBC traders, including Jim Cramer, and co.    

$SVXY (Leveraged $VIX Bear) $VIX - I used to advise against shorting the $VIX - because it can be so volatile - but as long as you understand the risk that's involved, why not...?     

  $SPX - I'm liking the 4700 target for starters. Could take a couple weeks ,for the market to find it's legs, and I would expect the market to hold up into the end of the quarter.   

NASDAQ - looks like it could trade into a massive bearish right shoulder. 


I'm still looking for a crash in commodities, including Gold, although Gold looks like it could hold up better than Silver. 


Conversely - Gold looks like it's already totally overshot, along with most other commodities. 

Hopefully the new platform has an "embed" (truth) feature:   

China - as I called out yesterday. Sure, China, and Hong Kong were down overnight, but we're only interested in US traded Chinese stocks - in the $FXI.  

Watch for the $DAX to lead as usual. Without revealing the chart I'm using to find support on the $DAX, I can tell this; the level you want to watch is the 12997 (13K) level. 

Should be much easier trading than it's been over the past few weeks, once the new cycle changes, so watch for that. 

They say the pen is mightier than the sword, and if you listen to the fake news you would think the world was going to end this week, but the market has hardly even moved.  

$NYSE - The broader market - continues to trade into a broadening top pattern,  and we could see the same kind of euphoria, we just whiteness in the oil space, if it retests the highs again.   

Not seeing anything that resembles a real bear market, on that chart, so it's really best not to trust the moral panic monkeys, in lame stream media.  

Russia/ Ukraine isn't as bearish as they say, and if anything it's #NeoCons in congress, threatening to escalate the conflict, that should really worry global markets.    

Take Care, AA  

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