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Tuesday, March 1, 2022

Market Update 3/1/2022 - Public Charts Finally Updated

 I finally updated some of the charts  - located in the public charts area -  some of which I've ignored for several weeks. 

I also switched out one of the Oil charts: Opting for a long term BRENT chart, and a much shorter term WTI chart. I must have 30 different oil charts, so I can't put them all up there.  

I'm not certain we've seen the reversal in Oil, but there's a good chance...

Now that the price action has broken out of the top of the pattern, we'll have to wait and see.... I've seen instances where what looked like a topping pattern, turned out to be a continuation pattern, so I can't predict it with much certainty. 

Be sure to check the public charts area for new charts, and charts with an update stamp dated 2/28.

BRENT: Here's an oil chart you won't find in the public charts area. Looks like a broadening triangle top, with a little throw-over above the top of the pattern. 

WTI - from the publuc charts area, looks about the same. A broadening wedge shaped pattern. The Pink line is my stop, so I wouldn't be long this morning, and with the chance of nuclear war breaking out, any day now, I think the risk is deflationary, not inflationary.   


And that goes for Grains, and every other kind of commodity. 

Wheat - trades into a triangle, and throws over the top.... 

I would like to have the ability to trade wheat, and every other commodity, but one must be leveraged in order to trade commodities contracts. Maybe some day... 

Hey, wouldn't be ironic if just when I'm about to start earning a decent income from trading, the world as we know it will come to an end? That would be beyond bitter sweet!   

You know the west has been trying to box Russia in for nearly 3 decades, and this Ukraine thing is a defensive move on Russia's part, and this isn't likely going to end any time soon, by the looks of it.  

In hindsight every chart has been pointing to a great reset, a new power grid, and a full blown war, since Joe Biden was elected. 

I believe Joe Biden was selected, now elected, because he was the point man in Ukraine under Obama. This is no coincidence. 

This brings me to a fantastic article I was turned onto by one of the few sources - within the intelligence community - I trust, Steve Pieczenik! 

Last night I was thinking, what ever happened to Steve; I don't see his video's on Youtube anymore, and so I checked his twitter feed, and I found he has posted a link to this very creatively written article. 

Read this at your own risk - if you don't want to be red pilled - because it contains more than a grain of truth: 

Stand With Russia 
Stand With Putin 2022 Link since removed (updated 6/3/22)

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