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Tuesday, March 29, 2022

Market Update 3/29/22 - End Of the Quarter Window Dressing Continues

 Didn't I tell you they'd put some lipstick on this pig, - of a market - dress her up, and send her to the dance, before the end of the quarter? I think I heard it reported - by the financial fake news - yesterday, that the $SPX is only down 6% for the year, as if that's bullish... 

We also saw Jim Cramer call the bottom in the "bear market"(that never was...), and I believe he has a direct relationship with whoever is in charge of rigging these markets, be it the fed, or the US Treasury. Remember he's a Goldman Sachs insider! 

The truth is we haven't seen a real bear market in US markets - ex energy - since '08, and even that was cut short by the market controllers. 

$VIX - seeing this indicator being driven back below 20, which is taken as a bullish signal by more investors, and buying programs, alike so that's the number to watch. 

I'm rather surprised to see the $VIX hammered below the 200 day moving average ( at the bottom of the pattern), and that is another target to watch. 

I would also be watching the $RVX, and the VIX of the $VIX (the $VVIX), which is testing 200 week moving average. 

The DOW is finally driven above the 200 day moving average.  I suppose Joe Biden talking crazy, was the reason we couldn't accomplish this last week. 

Is this man fit for office? Doctors say they would be concerned about 'anyone' with Joe Biden's symptoms at age 78 after two brain aneurysms (dailymail) 

This is scary times we live in, and every day a little closer to a global collapse, and financial reset.   

The long term charts concern me - as I'm seeing bearish hanging men doji (reversal candles) develop - in foreign markets, and certain US markets - so I'm not on board with this rally, even if it continues into the beginning of April.   
$FEZ Without giving away too much; here's a good example of a "hanging man" candle....   

You'll find the same thing on the $DAX - another one of my favorite leading market indicators.
Of course this is going to look like a bullish hammer to most market participants, but just looks like a powerful counter trend rally to me. 
A reminder: 

1.Going into the end of 2021, we saw stocks driven to new all time highs, only in order to defer capital gains taxes. 

2. We saw profit taking in 2022. 

3. We see dip buyers rush in, and window dressing, at the end of the quarter. 

4. I believe profit taking will continue shortly - see the chart below. 

$GDOW The Global Dow chart added to stockcharts - in the public charts area - for all to see.   

The above chart confirms everything I've been blogging for the past few years. Market manipulation, on a grand scale, and especially going into the holidays (EOY).  

Of course we may only get a pullback, and a continuing rally, but we'll have to wait and see what it looks like, or does the breakout just continue? 

$WSLH  - is breaking out above the 200 day ma. 


NASDAQ - does look like a breakout on some chart views, but I can't rule out a bear market rally 

Regardless of if this is a bear market rally, or not, I've never seen stocks correct on April 1st, and this year the first mutual fund Monday - of the month - is next week [correction edit], so, stocks may actually continue to hold up into next week... as MM's are forced to chase performance.

Short of a first strike on the US, by Russia, It's hard to see how we could get a correction this week. 

Good luck, AA 

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