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Friday, April 14, 2023

Market Finally Takes Out The Target

 Market Finally Takes Out The Target 

Seemed like forever; but it only took a week to take out our target on the $SPX 


This is being reported at a broad market rally, but stocks like Apple did most the heavy lifting 


  Also Facebook 

One thing I couldn't help but notice is that $SOX is no longer leading the tech rally

I was able to delete at least 30 charts yesterday, mostly $USO Oil charts, which were no longer working, but also about a dozen $SPX charts. 

 Speaking of Oil:

I heard CNBC report that Oil had pulled back after hitting the 200 day moving average? 

Did a little fact checking and found that to be false!  

$WTI crude oil came close... and if CNBC is reporting it, it's only because they're regurgitating what certain traders are saying.  

Always checkout the fake news  

When I blogged that oil had gapped up from the 50 day moving average, to the 200 day average, that was based on what I was seeing on the $USO chart, but the $USO is not the best representation of West Texas crude. Of course traders trade it, like it is crude oil, but there's a sucker born every minute. 

If you want to trade crude oil you really have to chart 3 different views, and that's not even including the Oil $VIX, and that should be your homework...  

Speaking of the $VIX

I'm a little afraid of what might come next, based on the $VIX levels.

I tweeted out some of those levels yesterday, and even revealed some charts, but then I decided it was better to take most of them down, and delete the tweets. 

Look, we are facing the real risk of Nuclear war, and a financial collapse, yet all traders seem to be interested in is the next earnings report, and hammering the $VIX lower. It's rather frightening! 

I think we could see another breakout on the Dow, but I don't like the fact that it closed at an even number target (34k), and after finally hitting some important targets, I want to just give it a rest, and wait to see what the market does next. 

$INDU - Next - breakout target - on the dow looks like 34.3. That's not a trade I'm willing to chase.  

We saw Boeing release some bad news overnight, and this seems utterly planned, just as it did when Boeing led the way down, well ahead of when the covid story was allowed to break. 

I'm also seeing some frightening levels, and chart patterns, on European equities, and we've seen numerous alerts to a possible nuclear false flag, months ago. 

False Flag/ Black Swan 

1 year ago 

5 months ago

More recently 

Russia again accuses Ukraine of planning ‘false flag’ attack aljazeera 

Also: Why has Joe Biden been spending so much time away from DC, and now he's been sent overseas, on what we're supposed to believe is a sightseeing tour?   

Gold - This would also explain why the powers that be continue to buy gold, hand over fist. 

Take Care, AA 

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