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Wednesday, February 22, 2023

Market Sells Off Right On Schedule!

 Market Sells Off Right On Schedule!

Looks like I nailed that call for a pullback, and just in time for another Monday Morning Surprise, which actually occurred on Technical Tuesday - due to the Presidents Day holiday - which I also alerted to in my latest News Letter

And just when the foolish traders at CBNC Fast Money said the market couldn't sell-off. Great contrarians they all are!  

The short sellers never like to increase their positions, ahead of a long weekend, and I suspect this is why the powers that be, chose this date to take the market down.

$VIX breaks out, to the highest levels we've seen since early January. Called for that too, and even told you what would happen, "if the $VIX continues to break out...." See My Weekend Update : A Tale of Volmageddon - Revisiting Volmageddon 1.0 - Preparing for Volmageddon 2.0 - Danger Signs Ahead?

By the end of yesterday's close certain sectors were down nearly 3%  

The Financial Fake News was seen reporting that the Dow has given back all the gains of the year, which make a nice headline, but you only have to look at a chart to know that's not true. 

$INDU (the Dow) actually DOES NOT give back all the gains of 2023 

If I've exposed the lies of the main stream media, once, I've exposed them a million times. 

 Now, ask yourself:  

1. Why is every financial network lying to you? 

2. Who do they believe trades the DOW? I especially have to ask this of the FOX (business news) network, who follows the Dow all day long, when everyone else - on Wall Street - is following the S&P 500?  

3. Speaking of FOX; I recommend you steer clear of their new "Big Money Show". 

Watching the Big Money show on Fox business. Believe me, nobody is making #fastmoney watching that trash

— Veteran Market Timer (@3Xtraders) January 31, 2023

I didn't realize FOX hired Taylor Rigs to host Big Money

Related News: 

Taylor Riggs Discusses Her ‘Big’ Move to Fox Business Network

Getting back the the DOW 

I really have more important things to do, than document the constant stream of lies coming out of the idiot box, but these are the times we're living in, where deception, and disinformation, is the new normal.   

Yesterday's Action: 

The selling could be described as very orderly, very controlled.  

Of course it was planned, and planned around Biden's, supposed, "surprise visit", to the Ukraine. 

We've seen these kinds of surprise sell-offs, based on surprise - fake news - news before; you just have to be smarter than the crooks - who control everything - to profit off of it. 

Happy Trading, AA  


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