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Tuesday, February 14, 2023

Market Update ahead of the CPI Data. A Train Derailment, A UFO, and an Attempted Cover-up by the MSM

For some reason I thought the CPI (Consumer Price Index) data release, was going to coincide with this OPEX Friday, but that number actually comes out around 8:30AM EST, "with economists polled by The Wall Street Journal expecting the consumer-price index to show inflation rose 0.4% last month as the year-over-year rate slowed to 6.2%."

I suppose we could see the short sellers return - to sell the news - but other than that,  I don't see today's CPI number providing much of a catalyst for markets. Powell already told markets, inflation is waning....  

Today's Trade 

Today is Valentines Day, and this is usually a quite trading day, as I pointed out last week. 

The $VIX - went exactly where I said it would in this weeks News Letter


Lately, I've been watching Oil like a hawk, and even went back and added some charts to yesterday's extensive update. 

Related story

Look what I found NOT being reported by the Biden loving, Lame Stream Media! 

I don't usually watch Fox Business, but maybe I should! There's apparently a lot that's not being reported, in order to try to help the Biden administration! 

Only ABC News seems to be accurately reporting on last weeks train derailment/ chemical spill, in Ohio.

There were more toxic chemicals on train that derailed in Ohio than originally reported, data shows

Among the substances were ethylene glycol monobutyl ether and isobutylene.

I guess the rest of the MSM doesn't want to make Pete Buttegieg look any worse than he already does, after the Travel nightmare of 2 weeks ago.

I hope that doesn't hurt his chances for a Presidential run!  

Related: $NSC (Norfolk Southern) Chart 

Looks like it's trading in a dreadfully slow bear market like everything else 

Warren Buffett own that one, if memory serves.   

I suspect the recent balloon/ UFO stories, are  part of an (wag the dog) attempted cover-up, by the mass distraction Lame Stream Media. I can't see any other reason they would be shooting down weather balloons, or other left over flying junk floating around the upper atmosphere.  

Perhaps they think this makes Joe Biden look more "presidential"?

But there's another possible motive for a  MSM (distraction) cover-up! 

Biden Removes the Top Capitol Facilities Official Amid Allegations of Wrongdoing nytimes

Yet, another story NOT being reported! 

Republicans grill ex-Twitter executives over handling of Hunter Biden story theguardian

Not to mention the fact that former intelligence officials and deep state bureaucrats are now seen backpedaling on the disinformation, they used to affect the outcome of the Presidential Election 

Clapper says letter about Russian links to Hunter Biden laptop saga was 'distorted'

The former director of national intelligence for President Barack Obama is blaming Politico for the “distortion” of a letter signed by more than 50 ex-intelligence officials that had baselessly claimed Russia's involvement in the Hunter Biden laptop saga.

You won't hear anything reported about any of this by the rats, at CNBC, or Bloomberg! 

Take Care, AA 

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