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Wednesday, April 13, 2022

Market Update 4/13/2022 - Oil, Currency Trades, and a Penny Stock

 Seems like I keep harping on the same subject every day, but I think it's important to point out every time the (financial) fake news lies, and they're giving me a lot of material to work with! 

Seems like nearly everything I hear reported is a bold faced lie, so after yesterday's Subway attack in Brooklyn, I was left questioning, "is another false flag event, or just another wag the dog moment"? One thing is for sure, the media is more concerned with covering that subway shooting, than yesterday's lousy inflation numbers. This is to help the Fed, Joe Biden, and the anti-second amendment crowd, and the truth be damned. Oh, and by the way, the cameras just happened to be out of service that day.  Brooklyn subway station camera system had a 'malfunction' during the mass shooting that left over a dozen hurt, NYC mayor says

Have we ever seen an event like this called a, "mass shooting", without even 1 fatality..? 

2. They also continue to push the idea that Putin is somehow responsible for the recent spike in inflation, even though 90% of the population knows that's absolute hog wash! 

 "Biden (casually) accuses Putin of "Genocide", while casting blame for inflation". You can't make this stuff up, but here's a link to the story at the     

a. It wasn't Vladimir Putin who printed all this money, and started sending it out to people to spend on reckless abandon.  It was our politicians, who encouraged the fed to"save the economy", knowing that Trump was about to be run out of the white house, on a rail. Breaking news: The election was rigged. Shocking, I know!   

b. As I recall it wasn't Putin calling the inflation numbers "transitory", and still the fed drags it's feet, doing a .25% hike, and then talking about how they're going to do more. They are full of talk! In fact the more they talk, the more I realize they are only trying to talk bond prices down, without actually doing anything, and it's worked marvelously!     

3. Just last week Abigail Doolittle - at Bloomberg - was seen talking down financials, calling the declines of the previous past 5 day's, the worst in history? 

Financials - Worst 5 day decline ever? Obviously NOT! 

4. Tom Keene - at Bloomberg - was recently seen talking up corn prices. Why? Because it directs attention away from the fed, and Joe Biden, and points the finger at Russian Grain (crops), as the cause of inflation. See the pattern here?  

Corn is not even trading at new all time highs, so why else would he be talk it up... rhetorical. 

As far as the rest of the rigged market (s) go:

We're seeing a little breakout on Oil this morning, after yesterday's bounce out off the 50 day moving average. 

Not 1 like, tells me that nobody caught yesterday's 5% move, and I don't blame you for not wanting to trade oil. It's far too dangerous for most traders to be chasing what looks like, "a suckers rally", in oil. 

Seeing a continuing breakout in Oil this morning  - looking at a 60 min. view of the $USO

Those who chose to trade the broader market yesterday, weren't so lucky, as the market gave back all of yesterday's gains. 

I see a bunch of currency trades coming, and Treasuries seem to be trying to form a base, but most people don't trade this stuff. 

$GBP - 

Also looks like China is about to manipulate it's currency, and can you blame them..? 

I caught a massive short squeeze in a pennystock, I mentioned a couple months ago, and the only reason I'm up in that is because I recently doubled down on it. Call it "luck", or intuition, combined with a bit of proper money management; I call it "winning". 

Take Care, AA   

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