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Friday, April 8, 2022

Market Update - 4/8/22 - Weekly Wrap-up - Natural Gas, Oil, Buy Signals

 Firstly - What exactly is Bloomberg trying to pull with their false reporting? 

Once again, I've caught Bloomberg in a lie. Yesterday, I distinctly heard them - falsely - report that Natural Gas is trading at a new 13 year high, and that can only be for one reason. I believe they are trying to engineer a short squeeze, just as you see CNBC do, every chance they get. I'm uncertain if they're trying to help Mr. Bloomberg, or someone else's trade... or are they just out to get the short sellers, but they must have some underlying agenda....   

But wait, there's more! 

Within the past 2 days I've also seen Bloomberg report that Oil is "plummeting", and you may recall that's exactly where oil reversed (to the upside) last time.... back in February I believe it was? 

Why is this important? Because when retail investors hear "new highs, or new lows", and terms like plummeting, or soaring, that triggers a fear response, and the controllers know this....  

Look, you have to think like a killer, not a scared snowflake, if you want to win at this game, and it is "a game", to those who own the networks, and come on the networks, and lie their asses off, or who use false news reports, and rumors, to their advantage. They want you're money in their bank account, and they will use all means possible to accomplish that goal.      

Buy Signals 

We saw several buy signals yesterday, and it looks like the market is going to hold up... as predicted. I even added some long positions, myself, because money has to be put to work (in the second Quarter), ahead of the long holiday, and as of yesterday, we haven't really seen that.  

Money managers are either going to invest (put money to work), or risk lose their jobs. 

I'm not going to tell you where I'm invested, but I'll give you a clue. I've mentioned the trade in my Twitter feed, and it's a sector, or "sectors", which continue to lag. Look back at the beginning of this rally; it was lead by Chinese, and Tech, and Chinese Tech, although even Europe, and other sectors basically exploded to the upside - but there are sectors that have not been adequately pumped, and once again Bloomberg couldn't wait to report that one of these sectors was still lagging at yesterday's closing bell! That's all the clues I can give you, but if you watch the market like a hawk, like I do, then it should be a no brainier. If not, then you'll miss the boat, and you can read all about it in a blog update, a couple weeks from now. 

And I'm not talking about yesterday's Buy Signal in Natural Gas 

Tweeted in Real Time!  

BOOM - the updated $UNG (NG) chart, up +5%  

That's how it's done! See how the technicals and the headline worked in tandem? That tells me it was engineered, by those who control the news cycle. There are no coincidences on Wall Street. 

Oil continues to hold above support, and I suspect the short sellers are about to get squeezed there.

I alerted to that trade in my twitter feed, yesterday, and double checked the charts this morning. 

$USO (US Oil) - Chart is self explanatory. 


Getting back - for a minute - to the psychological operations (psyops) being performed by the fake financial news. Remember when they couldn't wait to report how the Russian Ruble was "plummeting", and that's probably because every government insider from Nancy Pelosi, to Warren Buffet, to Government Sachs, was short... We'll, this is what happens when short sellers cover; the Ruble has recovered all of it's previous losses!    
Just because Soros can destroy countries through currency destruction, doesn't means any incompetent bureaucrat in Washington can do it! 

We really are a nation of idiots, being controlled by idiots. RIP America  

In a related story: 

Senate confirms Ketanji Brown Jackson to be first Black woman to sit on Supreme Court (CNN) 

In another related story: 

Black Lives Matter is just another racket nypost

Later, AA 


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