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Friday, April 29, 2022

Market Update - weekly OPEX Friday - 4/29/22 - Taking a look at the 3X leveraged +FANG ETFs $FNGU & $FNGD

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Market Update

We're closing in on the end of the month.... but because today is weekly Options Expiration, and the controllers are hell bent on collecting on the Calls they sold, months ago; stocks will likely remain pinned in the low end of the range. 

Deutsche Bank is one of the crooked banks who is desperately trying to take the market lower, using bearish press releases. Many source like this one: Deutsche Bank just predicted ‘a major recession’ weeks after forecasting a ‘mild’ one - many sources April 27th  

Funny today Deutche Banks faces another investigation into their corrupt practices: 

Prosecutors search Deutsche Bank HQ in money laundering investigation April 29th, 2022  

Market Update 

Just before yesterday's close: I announced that the market had stalled out, and it promptly reversed, but this is all you get for free. 

Now, here's an example of what you get for a 1st month subscription to our private twitter feed, for a $49 donation to the website. 

Looking at a 15 minute chart. We just came up against resistance. I'm already starting to question whether or not this rally can continue.

I subsequently tweeted several more charts, as well as a $VIX update, and as it turns out, I've nailed it again - looking at futures deep in the red. 

On to the main point.... 

What is going on with the 3X Leveraged +FANG (FAANG) ETFs - $FNGD & $FNGU? 

Last night I saw $FNGU down 10%, after Amazon's terrible earnings miss, yet this morning it's back in the green. That's a huge overnight reversal, and an nasty surprise for inexperience traders who no doubt pilled into $FNGD last night! 

Here's the answer: 

You need to know what you're trading! +FANG - as they call it - only has 2 FAANG holdings, along with several Chinese stocks, and even Tesla, of all things! 

That's right $FNGD & $FNGU don't trade in relation to FAANG stocks! 

Before you trade any of the 3X funds, you really need to do your homework!  

And that's my trading tip for today. 

Have a great weekend, AA 

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