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Thursday, April 28, 2022

Market Update 4/28/22 - Looks Like We're Off To The Races - META Facebook - up 16% in pre-market

Seems like the market has had to retest the lows several times this week, without any help from me. See, I decided not to provide updates this week, and as a result, the market is having a difficult time finding a bottom, but as I've explained before, "Bottoming is a process", and unless, or until, they're finished taking - for example - biotech stocks down to a certain level, the rest of the market isn't going to rally. I mean, it is possible to have an isolated bear market (in biotech), but we've seen several sectors - including tech - sell off for some 5 months, and other sectors such a biotech, for more than a year! 

Speaking of tech stocks; after calling the bottom on Facebook (META), yesterday, in real time; this morning I'm seeing it up over 16% in pre-market. All you had to do, was pull the trigger! 

Scroll down to the second chart... 

Funny, not even 1 like on that tweet! lol Makes me think my twitter account is still being shadow banned. I should no doubt have well over 10k followers, after tweeting 140k times in 10 years, but my political views aren't the most popular, among the so called, "woke", left. A topic for another day. 

Sometimes it seems like I'm tweeting, and blogging in a vacuum, and when I do an internet search for "", this website doesn't even make the top search results? I know some folks are having some difficulty viewing this site, and was reminded of this after running yesterday's contest... and someone mentioned they couldn't access this site. I'm also got getting zero 0 responses on that free contest. It's inexplicable!    

I'm going to have to do some more investigation into what exactly the problem is. 

I want to keep this update short, and to the point. 

Another point to make about yesterday's reversal in Facebook shares. Bloomberg helped shake the weak hands by reporting an erroneous (false) rumor. 

Facebook briefly drops 6% after Bloomberg "incorrectly" publishes disappointing forward guidance for revenue

I pointed out, in a recent blog update, April 8th - how the crooks in the financial fake news do this all the time, but white collar crime is no longer prosecuted, and Wall Street knows it. 

Free charts continue to be tweeted   

Yes, I'm still tweeting charts from @3XTraders. but if you want the best charts, and consistent reliable charts, and updates, you're going to have to join us at @3Xtraderslive. 

You can find details on how to join our private twitter feed, in yesterday's blog, or simply donate $49 for the first month, and then request entry....  

I know I said I was no longer going to tweet free charts from my public twitter account, but I may still throw some trades, targets, and charts out there, as I did yesterday.

I did reveal that my $SOX target had come in, and that tweet got 1 like. 

The China/Yen trade I called out a week ago. Crashing! 

If you are a serious trader, then you know where the best charts on the internet can be found. 

I'll continue to use the public twitter as a place to teach, and to warn anyone who will listen.., to the total collapse that is coming, in the not so distant future! 


To be honest, nobody knows exactly how long the fed can keep the game alive, but non military, government agencies, continue to amass a small arsenal, while trying to take your guns away! 

Take care, AA 

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