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Monday, April 4, 2022

Can Markets Correct?

 You have investors who actually believe markets can't correct, and that includes real estate markets, even with the average median cost of a new home more than double what it was, (in 2008) when the government came in and bailed out the so called, "too big to fail", banking cartel.     

Of course markets can correct, and because the solution to keeping markets from naturally correcting - over the past 14 years - has been to create a massive liquidity bubble, it's going to be 10X worse next time. I'm talking, next "Great Depression", but even worse, because this time, the house of cards is 100X larger!    

Looking back at last weeks trade: 

My bearish prediction - on Thursday - was so accurate it's scary, and even the week before when I said that I couldn't understand why the market has gapped up above the 200 day moving averages....  but in hindsight this was just a pump and dump rally, and the market has already given back nearly all the gains of the previous 2 weeks. 

The DOW chart offers a good view of this, and I've created another new chart in order to review the recent market action, as well as the current Elliott Wave count. 

$INDU - See where this index was driven above the 35.1 level - which I've been pointing to for months - and above the upper pattern line, just as they (the criminals who control the market), did back in early February. "Pumped..." above technical resistance) - in order to squeeze the short sellers - & "Dumped". 

So, in hindsight the market has basically traded in the top of the range for going on 3 weeks now, and the 200 day ma, once again becomes res. 

Of course the financial lame stream media, has no idea what's going on, so they run stories about Ukraine, and claim "investors are weighing...", one thing or another. It's laughable  

Things the lying financial fake news chooses not to report:

1.  That as long as the $VIX remains above the critical 20 level, money is going to remain on the sidelines, and anyone who would put money to work in this market environment, is a fool. 

2. They continue to ignore what will happen to the tech sector if we see a cyber attack, or even a false flag... like we saw on 9/11. Are "investors weighing this"? No, because most of them apparently believe the official 9/11 story, that a passenger jet, brought down skyscrapers, in New York City, and that we were justifies to invade Iraq, and Afghanistan. 

University Study Finds Fire Did Not Cause 3rd Tower's Collapse on 9/11 prnewswire  

I think most people don't even realize there was a 3rd building that was taken down on 9/11, but most people believe whatever story they're told to believe - "Twin Towers" is the official (false) narrative!      

Knowing exactly what our government is capable of, raises the likelihood of a cyber false flag, substantially.  

3. The bond market is crashing. I suppose they only like to use the word "crash", when it benefits the controllers, or they want to spook a market, but when the action continues to gap down on the chart, it's a crash, nonetheless.  

As far as timing: 

1. I think it's likely that we're going to see a run for the exits, ahead of the Passover holiday. 

2. OPEX coincides with good Friday, and that's a half day. That only leaves us 2 weeks, but that's plenty of time....  Simply count the candles on the previous 2 sell-offs, which took roughly the same amount time. 

  I think there's a good possibility of a market crash, between now and then, and the controllers need a catalyst in order to create a lot of panic, and what better than a "Russian cyber attack"?  

The corrupt FBI is already telegraphing it:

FBI Alerts on the Increased Risk of Cyber Attacks many sources 

"It's coming": President Biden warns of "evolving" Russian cyber threat to U.S. CBSNews

From there, I would expect volatility to fall off a cliff, and the $VIX to get back below 20 again, and start flashing (false) buy signals again. 

Good luck trading this week, and if we see a "Russian cyber attack", I think you can rest assured, knowing that it's just another false flag. Russia is just being used as an excuse to sell, just as Covid was...      


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