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Tuesday, April 26, 2022

Market Update 4/26/22 - + A Chance To Win FREE Entry INTO 3XTraders Private Twitter Feed!

 As I explained in Saturday's weekly wrap-up:  I set up a private twitter feed @3xtraderslive, so we can have some privacy, and to make it more difficult for the crooked hedge funds to target us. You can win free entry in today's Elliott Wave Pattern Identification Contest, located further down the page.

3XTraders private twitter @3xtraderslive, fist day was a complete success! 

It took several hours to set up, but once that was done, and all the charts were uploaded, and everything you needed to catch yesterday's - perfectly timed - 1000 point (DOW) rally - off the lows - was prepared ahead of yesterday's opening bell.  

Those of you who were following the charts I posted - to my regular twitter feed - last week, may have anticipated yesterday's rally, but what about the next big move? I told you on Sat., I don't want you to miss out on some of the best trading of the year! Don't waste another minute!    

Here I was on Twitter last week, pointing out the obvious to someone, who goes by the name @CyclesFan, but only has a limited understanding of market cycles, and apparently even less knowledge when it comes to finding technical support on a chart.   

 The only market "cycle" you needed to know yesterday, was that bullish traders, who are sitting on a pile of cash were going to return from vacation, and put money to work. 

The fact that futures were red Sunday night is meaningless.   

This is one of the things I hate about Twitter, many times the folks with the least amount of knowledge, get the largest following. I guess that explains why most traders are consistently wrong....  

I also believe in the adage that, "you get what you pay for", and this is what you should expect for free, lot's of inaccurate, or even downright deceptive information.  

What Happened to the Free Chart and Tweets?   

I used to think free was the way to go, because the most important thing is to get your name out there, and there may be some truth in that, but once you've honed a skill, that's in high demand, and people take notice, then it's time to get paid for all your hard work.   

My introductory offer to join 3XTraders private twitter is only $50... but today one lucky person is going to get in for FREE! 

Here's Your Chance To Win FREE Entry Into Our Private Twitter Feed! 

Elliott Wave Pattern Identification Contest   

Correctly Identify The Elliott Wave Pattern On The Chart Below. The Broader Market Has Been Trading In this For The Past Year! 

$NYSE - Be the fist person to identify this basic Elliott Wave pattern, and gain 1 month free entry into our private twitter feed valued at $99. 

 Elliott Wave Contest Rules: 

1. First person to respond with the correct answer wins 

2. Only one person can win

3. Response, must be given on this website, in the response section (below)  

4. Identify the chart Pattern in Elliott Wave Terminology 

5. Since Elliott Wave Pattern Identification is up to interpretation, there may be more than 1 correct answer, and I'll take that into consideration. 

6. Winner receives 1 month free entry into @3xtraderslive    

Pattern Identification is often up to interpretation, so I may accept an answer, other than the one I have in mind, but it must be identified as an Elliott Wave Pattern. If you know the basics of Elliott Wave Theory, then you should know the terminology.     

If you don't win free entry; It's only 50 bucks, for the 1st Month! Take advantage of this offer while it  lasts. You have nothing to lose; I'll even return your money, if you're not 100% satisfied 

I set the introductory rate for basic service, at 50 bucks - paypal donation - for the first month. This get's you all the charts I used to tweet free, plus many charts, I used to keep close to my chest.

Good Luck, AA 

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  1. It's been a full week, with not even so much as a guess.... so this contest is closed. I'm not going to reveal the answer, because this contest may be run again at a later date.