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Saturday, April 23, 2022

Market Update 4/23/22 - Weekly Wrap-up - Plan B

We obviously saw a big move to the downside on Friday, in a bear raid, which started in Germany, with the German $DAX being taken down (precisely) below the 50 day moving average. They always start manipulating US futures overseas, and this time was no exception. 

We saw the same thing on the $NYSE, as the 50 day ma was taken out at the open - causing program selling to kick in. This was obviously coordinated, and this comes 1 day before Money managers return to put money to work, after the long Passover holiday.    

$SPX - Same thing - the 50 day ma taken out 

The $BKX broke below the 2008 high, and energy finally pulled back, as predicted... 

 Oh, and Canada even sold off, something I've been alerting to for several weeks now. 

Oh yeah, some markets are breaking down, and other look like they're poised to break

So, is this the end of the great (rigged) bull market? Hardly!  

At this point market sentiment is overwhelmingly bearish, which is actually a bullish indicator, and most the charts agree, and I have some exciting news for you! Plan B

Anyone who's been following me for any length of time, knows that I routinely refuse to reveal certain charts, because the hedge funds continue to target me, just as they target Jim Cramer, and his fans. Look at what they did to legendary short seller - turned bull - Bill Akman, by talking down NetFlix another 30%, and I could give countless other examples.... 

Why should I give the hedge funds free ammunition?  

Plan B 

I've created a private twitter account, @3xtraderslive, so we no longer have to worry about who's targeting us, as I eluded to in the regular 3XTraders twitter account on Saturday. 

Now I'm going to be able to reveal all the charts! Of course the hedge funds could pay to see these charts, but there are easier fish to fry, and these scum bags like to work in anonymity. Adding a single layer of protection, is usually all it takes, for the thieves to move on to an easier target. 

Getting back to the charts  

As I tweeted on Friday: 

 You'll not only get all the charts I normally tweet all day long, but you'll get what I often refer to as my "proprietary indicators", and $VIX charts you've never seen before. 

Eventually I plan to set up a website to to do automatic billing, but that's going to require a lot of paperwork. In the meantime you can use the paypal link in the side menu to sign up, and gain access to our private twitter feed.  

The limited time introductory offer is $50 per month, which will probably rise to $99. That comes to less than $5 per trading day, for daily market updates, and even some live charting. 

I'll also probably also add a gold member package for folks who require private messages, and sector specific charts for, commodities, currency trades, and foreign markets.  

Of course certain sector charts, may be included in the baseline membership, but generally I intend to give the broader markets forecast, and it will be up to you to find whatever sector, or sectors are leading. It's just impossible to be all things to all people, when one trader is determined to trade Oil, and another US Treasuries. I can only cover so many sectors at one time, and the higher - gold member - price will weed out those who are serious, and who aren't.... 

I'm seeing some golden opportunities coming, and some of the best trading we've seen in months, and the time to sign up it today, not when the summer doldrums roll around, and the $VIX is trading back in the teens. Get on board now, I don't want to you miss this opportunity! 

@3xtraderslive is all ready set up. Make a $50 donation to the paypal link located in the side menu, and then request entry into the new twitter account. Once your payment is confirmed, you'll be granted access to the best charts on the internet, and you decide you're not happy, I'll refund your money! This is not one of those scams you see on twitter, using the discord chat app. Stay away from those. 

Take Care, AA     

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