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Thursday, September 15, 2022

Market Update 9/15/22 - This Market Is In Trouble?

Market Is In Trouble? 

...says who? Some analysis at Morgan Stanley? 

Look, if you've followed me for any length of time, then you already know that Morgan Stanley is one of the firms who has been bearish, and aggressively shorting the market, for some time. This is nothing new. 

Others like JPM, are bullish, so you have this back and forth, between the bulls and the bears, but in the end these people are on the same team, kind of like the Democrats and Republicans. Both sides are out to screw us, and take our hard earned money.

But who is this character who trolled me yesterday? Look closely and you'll see his identity is disguised, and his twitter profile provides a location in Texas, and nothing else. I suspect he works for one of the hedge funds.  I assume, anyone who takes time out of their busy schedule to troll me, is being paid to do so, and they usually came at me with a stupid question like, "you can't be serious".    

1. #Rule in trading, never trust anyone, who claims to be anonymous.  

On a more serious note: 

I don't claim to be a psychic, but I do have this uncanny ability to piece things together. I don't know what to call it, other than intuitive, but there's something more to it. For instance; I knew something bad was coming, a couple years before Covid, and the lock-downs that followed, and I started preparing way ahead of the event. I saw it coming in the charts, even though I didn't actually know what "it" was. 

Most recently is was Pelosis trip to Taiwan, and the $SOX trade, but I could give 100's of examples...  

Anyhow, way before I saw the story - below - in the news, I knew something was up.  Blinken has made several trips to Ukraine, over the past several months, so I knew we must be up to no good!  

Blinken says Ukraine has made 'significant progress' in counteroffensive Reuters 

This morning this all came together in a tweet, I found in my timeline.

What I'm actually referring to is the content of the video, of what look like US special forces on the ground.

This morning we see Putin, and XI, meeting, and this is significant, from a biblical perspective. 

In Prophecy right now - in a 90 sec video - linked

Mind blowing!

As I tweeted this morning 

If ever there was a time to prepare, that time is now! 

As far as today's trade, and the trade for the next several months, my outlook hasn't changed 

Trading this week reminds me of the same old trade we've been seeing for the past several months. Sell Tech, and pile into Energy. I'm not sure how much longer that can last, but I'm not chasing the herd. 

This market also reminds me of June, and July, where we were left waiting for the market to build as base, as others continued to call for "capitulation". 

The chart says it all: 

We either go back and fill the gap that was left behind in June - which I believe is foolishness 

Or we continue rallying into the Nov. Election 

$SPX - Market gaps up several days in a row. Bears come in an short it with a heavy hand. Trend remains higher, possibly much higher. We'll see... 

Thinking about adding the above chart to the public charts area, now that it looks like we have a nice setup, after this weeks pullback. 

Take Care, AA 


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