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Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Market Update 9/27/22 - Washout To Lower Recent Lows

Thought I'd offer an updated financial chart. Don't want to leave anyone hanging, after the chart broke last week.   

 $DJUSFN - This looks like a slight washout to a lower low.  

 Of course they had to try to shake the weak hands, while reporting how household credit card debt has risen, but this is what they do. Bullish 

I'm not trading financials, but I would be a buyer, of $FAS, right here! 

The black line becomes your stop. 

I suppose Tech, and everything else is also about to bounce out of the hole, after yesterday's little shakeout, but there are plenty of opportunities, outside of the US technology space. 

One thing I noticed yesterday, is that they took out the June low on the DOW, of all things, so that's another thing to watch. 

Who takes down the DOW in a Monday downside surprise? 

I suspect British Hedge Funds, are behind the recent shakeout, since Bloomberg keeps talking about the British Pound. 

Take Care, AA 

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