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Thursday, September 22, 2022

Market Update 9/22/22 - We got our shakeout on the FOMC announcement!

 I was up around 2:30AM this morning, with dollar signs in my eyes; super excited, after watching the bears take out the target I published in Monday's update

$SPX - the 3800 target looks good, and that gap fill target... 

The gap fill target was also alerted to, in my Sept 15th, update

$SPX DCS chart - The gap fill actually occurred at yesterday's close, and I alerted to that in my LinkedIn, after the closing bell.  

  Of course we saw futures sell off a little further, in (ah) after hours trading, and I even called the reversal in ES1 contracts. I don't even trade futures, but it's good practice... and I just love what I do! 

$SPX ES1 Futures This webull screenshot, from last night. 

The Breakout 

Very exciting! 

6:50 AM CST: I'm watching futures settle right around the 3800 target. 

I still believe this rally - the one which started back in June - has legs.

I watched one (guest) analyst on CNBC come on, on Tuesday, and predict that the market would continue to trade in the same range, we've been trading in for the past several weeks, and I think that could be right. 

I pointed this out, back in early August 

I've just been absolutely killing it this year, and making some new connections on linkedIn. I suspect that before long I'll be working for a fund manager, hopefully in beautiful Bermuda!  

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$WSLH - Wilshire 5000 Chart added to the public charts area 

Take Care, and have a great weekend, if I don't see you again, 


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