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Thursday, November 7, 2019

Market Update 11/07/19 - IMF warns Europe to Prepare for the Worst

Funny, I mentioned just yesterday, that I'm preparing for a grid collapse, and then the IMF warns  Europe to "Prepare for the Worst", but this isn't the first time....  See: Davos 2019: IMF Warns “Prepare For A Serious Slowdown” in Global Economy!

 This morning I want to take another look at the $DAX, and the rest of Europe, oh and China! I'm not sure I can accomplish all this in an hour, but let's get to it!

Something I forgot to mention in a previous vlog, is that I nailed the $VIX target precisely, at 12.25. That's like the second time in a month! Tells me it's the dumb money hammering the $VIX, not the financial engineers, who've been driving the $VIX lower, every month, for the past 10+ years. How do I know this? I watch Bernanke brag about the lower volatility in a public hearing. Now the same financial engineers who were ordered to manipulate the market higher, know the whole thing is going to collapse (again), so they lower rates to 0, for grande finale. They have nothing to worry about. They can either sell into the collapse, as they did last time, and I'm sure they've hoarded plenty of gold, just in case of a worse case scenario. Total global financial reset. 

It was the mad jester, Jim Cramer, who coined that phrase, when he called the now infamous "Flash Crash", a mistake. He knew it was not possible for the market to reverse, because I believe he's been in on it. What better public spokes person for the Federal Reserve See: Cramer: Illuminati Not all bad", in his own words.  

And I'm not picking on Cramer. He has a job to do, and the entire network is in on it, I think. The crooked Politicians, main stream media, and the banksters, are all in on the joke.

Yesterday's Trade: Looked weak, as usual. Market futures pumped at the open, followed by flat to sideways. It looked like we might get a continuing pullback, but futures are pointing to a slightly higher high again. 

$EEM - Yesterday's weakness was due in part to the break down of the emerging markets chart. 
You can see on the chart below, where the stop was taken out, but the bulls immediately drove it back up to res. This seems like a desperation move to me; buying the flash-crash. This what they do.
$Oil and Energy pulled back at my target. That was a good trade, but I don't have time to track down a pullback target. For a fee maybe....  

China: As usual the financial networks are pushing for a China deal, and the latest rumor is that "tariffs may be rolled back", in part 1 of this deal....  seems to me the market hasn't been pricing in future tariffs, so this looks like this could be a, "sell the news", event. 

I'm going to have to reveal the China chart in another blog, but you can see the Hang Seng breaking out on the chart, located in the pubic charts area.  You also see massive Option buying in $FXI, and Fast Money Traders driving $BABA into a, "triangle of death". lol
$BABA trading into a bearish upturned triangle. Looks like a 191 target, going into OPEX.

$DAX - Germany. I've already revised this pattern to something other than a broadening triangle pattern.  I think, even as powerful as this rally seems, it's not wave 3, but we'll have to see what it does after a pullback.
This chart still needs some work, but it's the best I got.

I had a lot more charts to get in to, but I've run out of time,
May do a second update this morning, but in the mean time, 
The $VIX alert remain on, whether it takes out 12.25, or not. We're in the danger zone. 

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