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Monday, November 25, 2019

Market Update 11/25/2019 - Merger Monday - and more evidence of Insider Trading

Not much to update today, as trading grinds to a halt, going into the Thanksgiving holiday. I plan backup my files, and maybe do some home remodeling.

Friday, was slow, after the $VIX was slammed down below support at the open, so I tweeted out some charts; everything from updates on the 1 min chart, to a possible DOW 20k target - in 2020 - if the powers that be are planning to trash the market going into next years debates. Anything to hurt Trump's chances....

$VIX - out #1 fear indicator. Hammered below res. @ 12.75. I don't usually publish $VIX targets, but sometimes I will, and it's not a trade, it's a fear indicator, and a tell, as far as the manipulation that's occurring.   

$SPX: Market futures up as expected.

Friday's bullish 1 min chart - for what it's worth. I'm not sure this trend continues, but it could....

"Market trading at all time highs"; headlines - designed to continue to the consumer debt bubble -  continue.

Merger Monday: Evidence of Insider Trading in Schwab, Ameritrade, Tiffany; all these names have rallied ahead of today's buyouts, just as Walgreens did. 

$TIF - you can clearly see where the short sellers were squeezed out ahead of the buyout news.

Here's some interesting news: 
 Looks like the ripples in the Repo market are do to banks reducing risk ahead of another stress test.

I called out a gold miner short on Friday, but I'm seeing gold only pull back, so that trade is probably not going to work, especially since nobody wants to get short ahead of a holiday.

$GLD - Not really selling off. Looks more like a little pullback. I'll be updating the $GLD chart located in the public charts area, to match this one.

We could still see sell orders ahead of Thursday, but as long as the $VIX continues to be hammed, the market can just hold up into Cyber Monday, as planned.

That's about it for today.
I'll be charting the open in real time as usual.
Take Care, AA

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