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Friday, November 8, 2019

Market Update 11/8/2019 - Another Rigged Weekly OPEX, Right On Schedule

So much charting this morning! I was up at 3:30 AM thinking about it, and got right to work, but there's a lot going on, and a lot of possibilities here, and the opening bell rings in less than an hour.

I suppose I should continue where I left off, and expose how the financial engineers have managed to manipulate the market higher. Creating one asset bubble after another.

The NASDAQ is being artificially stair stepped up, and I think I want to ditch the 10 min chart, since none of these support levels are valid.  

 NASDAQ: "Stair Stepped Up", Jim Cramer style. I actually hear him brag about this, back when I used to watch his show. I heard
 him say something to the effect that, "I told them it was better to stair step the market (up)". You'll have to ask him, who he's referring to when he says, "them", but I think I know....

$SPX - similar thing going on here. It was just stair stepped above the previous channel.
After I published my LT chart, I saw CNBC report that $QCOM was almost back to where it was trading in 2000. This is pushing the narrative, "Getting Back To Even", just as I pointed out in yesterday's blog. Perhaps they've been doing this for 20 years, because they seem pretty comfortable talking about it?  

 Speaking of Tech Bubble 2.0 and the cash burn.... See:

The opening bell rang a half hour ago, and it seems like stocks are likely going to remained pinned this weekly OPEX.

No, it was sold, and the fact that they sell every "Trump tweet", also tells me who's running this game. Job #1 - Make Trump look bad. Create china trade fear.

$SPX - Market just found support at my pink line: This is the real time chart located in the public charts area.

$SPX - Looks broken on the 60 min view. Could be the bulls are going to be left holding the bag, waiting for a $SPX 3100 target. Next week should be interesting

Support looks like 3018 - at the breakout point.

Speaking of Manipulation.

$TSLA - Looks like the short sellers are going to remain trapped on this weekly OPEX. I haven't updated this chart for while, but you can see where it broke out. I called the bottom back in June, by the way.

$AMD - the rats will also collect on their Semiconductor pump-job.
$QCOM is being held up above $88 (90).

$NVDA Calls also get paid. It's all about the rigged Options markets, and Tech. 

So the market is going to hold up after all, but I see a possible False Flag coming on the release of the IG report. Anything to protect the corrupt deep state, and change the news cycle. Maybe just a wag the dog, event? Maybe China is working with the deep state, and planning to throw Trump under the buss anyhow. Who knows?

DiGenova: FISA Report Will Ruin Careers, "People Are Going To Be Indicted" RealClearPolitics

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